Newton's laws quiz

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Using the formula f= m x a, what is the mass of a box that needs 40 N of force to move it at 2 m/s? (You need to solve for mass)
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If a ball is thrown into the air which force is pulling it back towards the earth?
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Use the formula f=m x a to solve for the total force needed to push a 200 kg car at 3.5 m/s.
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Which force keeps an ice hockey puck from sliding forever?
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True or false

When a ball is hit there are equal forces acting on the ball and bat.
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Newton's first law of motion is sometimes referred to as the law of this?
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A skateboarder hits the curb and is thrown off of his skateboard. This example demonstrates which of Newton's Laws of Motion?
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Which of Newton's laws of motion state that an object at rest remains at rest?
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If a basketball is spinning at 5 N and you push it with your hand in the same direction with 3 N of force what is the total force now acting on the ball?
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Will it take more force to move a 400 kg hippopotamus or a 100 kg dog?