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Testmoz is great for K-12 and business professionals alike. It's really easy to use, and you don't have to register.

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Test name, and password

The password prevents other people from editing your test, or viewing its reports.

Simple but powerful

Testmoz is a simple test generator, but has all the features you need.

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Frequently asked questions

Before you email me for help, be sure to read these!

Who made this application?

Some dude with a computer and an internet connection.

Testmoz is a test generator that sports 4 question types, automatic grading, a really simple interface and detailed reports.

Testmoz is free, and does not require you (or your students) to register.

You can build a fully functional test in about a minute, so why don't you give it a try and generate a test?

4 Question Types

True/false, multiple choice, multiple response, and fill in the blank questions are available.

Professional Appearance

The neutral color scheme works with any business or school.

Detailed Reports

See the scores, averages and actual responses to questions. You can even export the data to CSV.

No Ads

You won't find any text ads, banners, or popups.

No Registration

Neither you nor your test takers have to register.

Passcode Protected

Prevent strangers from taking your test.

  1. Create a password

    You will use the password to edit the test and to view the reports.

  2. Adjust Settings

    Give your test a name, and set the various test options. The default settings are usually a good fit for most tests.

  3. Add Questions

    Write the question, specify the answer options, and mark the correct response.

  4. Publish

    A test URL (something like /123) will be generated. Just tell your students to go to that URL.

  5. View Reports

    See who took your quiz, their scores, and averages.

I forgot my test password. Can you retrieve it for me, please?

No. There is no accurate way to determine that you are the real owner, and not a malicious user trying to hijack the test. If you need to reset your account password, you can do so here.

I lost my quiz URL can you retrieve it for me?


How many questions can I put on a test?

If you don't have a Testmoz account, you are limited to 50 questions per test. Testmoz members can add unlimited questions to a test.

How many people can take my test?

An unlimited number of people can take your test but if you don't have a Testmoz account, you can see 100 scores. Testmoz members can see all of them.

How long are tests stored?

For the life of Testmoz.

How long is the life of Testmoz?

I don't know. I have no plans on shutting it down. Some of my other sites have been around 7+ years (which is like an eternity in internet years).

Can I add images, audio, and video to my questions?

You can use any HTML in your questions (not your answers). So you can copy and paste the embed code from your favorite multimedia hosting sites, and paste it into your Testmoz questions.

Can Testmoz do...?

Use it and find out. It's a free application and takes less than a minute to create a (short) test.

Will you add a timer feature?


Can you add this really great feature to Testmoz?

I probably can, but unless it's really great, I won't. I need to keep this application simple, or people won't use it.

Do you have a phone number I could call for support?


Can I get a copy of Testmoz's source code so I can run it on my server?

Yes. The source code can be purchased for $10,000.

Testmoz is a simple test generating application created by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate student at Washington State University, Vancouver.

If you have a comment or need help (and you already looked at the FAQs) you can email me. I promise to reply within ∞ school days.


  1. Don't forget your password (you can't recover it!)
  2. Don't forget your test URL (you'll see it on the next page)

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