Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

I lost my quiz URL can you retrieve it for me?

No. You can check your browser history for it.

How do I view the test results or edit my test?

Go to your test URL, click the "Admin" tab, and enter your password.

I forgot my test's admin password. Can you retrieve it for me, please?

No. There is no reliable way to determine that you are the real owner, and not a malicious user trying to hijack the test.

If you paid $20 for an account, you can reset your account password here.

If I buy a membership, can I move my old tests into my account?

Yes. Use the "Add Existing Test" link on the account menu.

Test Authoring Questions

Can I upload images to my test?

If you pay $20 for a membership, you can. Click the little image icon on the Testmoz text editor. If you don't pay for a membership, you can only use images that are already online.

Can I add audio, and video to my questions?

If your audio or video file is hosted on a third party website (like YouTube), and it provides HTML embed code, you can click the "Source" button on Testmoz's text editor, and paste in the embed code.


How can I print a test?

On the Publish page, click the Print button. You can change the options if you want the answers to be displayed.

How can I print the test results?

Go to your test settings, and check the relevant boxes under "At the end of the quiz...". Then go to your Reports page, and click a student's name. Print that page.


How many questions can I put on a test?

If you don't have a Testmoz account, you are limited to 50 questions per test. Testmoz members can add unlimited questions to a test.

How many people can take my test?

An unlimited number of people can take your test but if you don't have a Testmoz account, you can see 100 scores. Testmoz members can see all of them.

What happens if I have a free test, and more than 100 people take it?

When you go to the Results page, you can only see the first 100 scores. You'll need to delete some of the results to "reveal" the remaining results. You can also buy a membership to see all the scores at once.

How long are tests stored?

For anonymously created tests, your data is stored for 730 days past the last time your test was taken by someone. So if no one has taken your test for 2 years, your test will be deleted. You won't receive any notification that your data is being deleted (since I have no way to contact you).

If you are a paying member of Testmoz, your data will be retained for as long as you continuing paying for a membership. If you stop paying, your data will be retained for an additional year, and then it will be deleted. You will get an email notification before it gets deleted.

Questions Your Boss Will Ask

How long has Testmoz been around?

Since August of 2009. And in that time, hundreds of millions of questions have been answered on Testmoz.

Are you going to sell our data?

No. Here's the privacy policy.

Do you have a phone number I could call for support?


Who is running this site?

Just me, Matt. I built Testmoz while I was in college at Washington State University (Vancouver) and now I run it along with all my other projects. I know what you're can we trust our school/business testing needs to just one guy? Well, unless you're going with the big boys like Canvas, Blackboard, or D2L, nearly every testing web app is held together by 1 or 2 people (they just make themselves sound bigger than they really are – I'd rather be honest).

Do you have backups?

Yes. Backups are taken regularly, encrypted and stored off-site.

Is your system secure?

If someone ever says "yes" to that, they're lying to win your business. I make a good faith effort to keep your data safe and secure. But security in a complex software product is not something anyone can guarantee.


Can you add this really great feature to Testmoz?

I probably can, but unless it's really great, I won't. I need to keep this application simple, or people won't use it.

How can I contact you?

Since you read all the way down here, and you won't ask me a question I already covered on this page, you can request help at

Can I get a copy of Testmoz's source code so I can run it on my server?

Yes. The source code can be purchased for $10,000.