Testmoz is Simple.

But it has all the features you need to conduct your next assessment online.

Question Management

Graded Question Types

Multiple choice (choose one), multiple choice (choose many), true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank, essay.

Ungraded/Survey Question Types

Multiple choice (choose one), multiple choice (choose many), true/false, matching, short answer, long answer.

Question Banks/Pools

Want to create a 10 question test from a pool of 50 questions? Testmoz has you covered. You can even have multiple question pools in one test.

Find & Insert From Other Tests

Search for questions on your other tests, and import them into a new test.

Easy Question Management

Drag and drop questions to reorder them. Easily insert a new question or copy an existing one. Switch between question types without retyping your answers.

A screenshot of the Testmoz quiz builder
A screenshot of the Testmoz question building interface

Image Uploads

Make your test more engaging by uploading images into your questions and answers.

Video Embedding

If images aren’t enough, you can embed a video from YouTube or other supported video sites.

Math Symbol Support

Use the simple ASCII math syntax to add equations to your questions and answers.

File Uploads

Provide files for your test takers to download during the test.


Optionally provide an explanation for your questions so test takers can review it after the test.

Student Interface

A screenshot of the Testmoz student interface

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Testmoz works on phones, tablets and desktop computers. It’s low-bandwidth and fast for test takers.

Professional Look

Clean layout, no branding, and no ads.

Low Bandwidth

The basic student interface is less than 100KB in size. It loads fast on mobile connections, and uses very little data.

No Registration for Test Takers

Test takers do not have to register for an account. They can just provide their passcode, identifier or email address to start your test.


Summary Statistics

Get summary stats about the score and time taken, along with a histogram of scores.

Export to CSV

Export the respondant's scores and answers to CSV for easy data analysis.


Easily find a student's results across all your tests.

A screenshot of the Testmoz results page

Manual Score Adjustments

If you need to make an adjustment to someone’s score after they took the quiz...no problem with Testmoz.

Review Individual Responses in Detail

Get details about overall performance, and see each respondant's score, and answer choices. You can leave feedback on each response, and email it to them.

Automatic Regrading

Testmoz can re-score all your tests automatically if you change the correct answer.

Another screenshot of the Testmoz results page

Quiz Management

A screenshot of the Testmoz quiz list page

Filter, Sort, Search and Organize Your Tests

Even if you have hundreds of tests, Testmoz makes it easy to find it.

See Basic Stats at a Glance

You can quickly review your test activity right from the dashboard.

Review Settings

You can easily toggle whether to show students their score, responses, a correct/incorrect indicator and the correct answer.

Simple Authentication Methods

You can allow anyone to take your test, or protect it with a passcode. If that’s not enough, you can limit access to specific people with an identifier code, or email address.

Time Limit

Ensure your test takers complete the test in a certain amount of time.

Test Attempts Limit

Set the number of times your students are allowed to take your test.

Email Notifications

Get notified anytime someone finishes the test (if you want).

A screenshot of the Testmoz quiz settings page

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