Development of Forensic Science

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The _____ of the Forensic Science Laboratory deals with the analysis of hairs, fibers, paint, soil, polymers, glass, and impressions.
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Which of the following is not a duty of the medical examiner?
A medical examiner is a government official who
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Anthropometry is the study of:
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DNA evidence found and collected at a crime scene is analyzed in which lab?
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Which of the following pieces of evidence would not be analyzed by the Toxicology Unit?
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The _____ Unit conducts timely, high-quality scientific examinations in the area of friction ridge analysis, including the development and comparison of latent fingerprints, palm prints, and footprints.
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In an incident where Student A is suspected of stabbing Student B over comments made on Twitter, which crime lab would not be involved in handling and analyzing evidence?
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Locard’s exchange principle is the belief that when a criminal comes into contact with a person or object, there is a cross transfer of evidence, which when examined, can connect the perpetrator to the crime.
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A person is found dead in her home; a drug overdose is suspected. One of the CSI technicians finds an empty prescription pill bottle on the floor. Which unit would be responsible for correctly identifying the contents of the empty bottle?
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A burned out car is found in the desert with a burned body inside. Which unit would determine if it was an accident or murder?