Weekly Quiz 9/20

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1 point
The meaning of the Greek root 'log' is....
1 point
"The actor spoke the ten minute monologue to the audience without interruption."

In this sentence, what is the best meaning of the word 'monologue'?
1 point
"Janie loved the challenge of using the clues to solve the logogriph in the newspaper."

In this sentence, what is most likely the meaning of 'logogriph'?
1 point
Which of the following BEST describes the difference between external conflicts and internal conflicts?
1 point
In the short story, "Amigo Brothers" what is true about Antonio Vargas and Felix Cruz? (You may choose more than one answer)
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What is an example of an internal conflict in "Amigo Brothers"?
1 point
What is an example of external conflict in "Amigo Brothers"?
1 point
Why do Antonio and Felix decide not to see each other before the fight?
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What is the climax of the story "Amigo Brothers"?
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The central conflict in this story is....
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Before the fight begins, both Antonio and Felix hope to get an early knock-out to end the fight.
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What do you think is most likely the message Piri Thomas wanted to communicate by not telling the reader who won the fight?