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Cells obtain energy from food by aerobic or anaerobic respiration.

Which of the following compounds is produced by anaerobic respiration but not aerobic respiration?
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Gardeners and farmers are sometimes concerned about soil being too acidic for some plants and not acidic enough for others.

Which pH reading could be found in a soil that is slightly acidic?
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How is energy made available to the cell to move large starch molecules across the membrane through the process of endocystosis?
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Human blood contains approximately 83% water.

Which property of water makes it an essential component for carrying nutrients and gases in the body?
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A student is investigating the time it takes for tap water, bottled water, and salt water to reach the boiling point.

After the student collects and analyzes the data, what is the next step the student should perform according to scientific processes?
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RNA structure is different from DNA structure because only RNA has which of the following?
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Which statement describes a characteristic of aerobic respiration?
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Which molecule has a structure with a ratio of 2 hydrogen to 1oxygen?
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Students investigate how soil pH affects the height of tomato plants.Each of six tomato plants receives the same amount of light each day and is planted in the same size pot and given the same amount of water. Each plant is planted in soil with a different pH.

What is the dependent variable in the investigation?
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This sequence of nucleotides represents one side of a double-stranded DNA molecule.


What is the correct sequence for the opposite side?
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An unmutated segment of DNA containing 40 molecules of adenine will contain an equal number of which of the following?
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A molecule with a structure composed primarily of amino acids would be classified in which of the following groups?
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Adhesion occurs when water is attracted to other polar substances.Which of the following is an example of adhesion in organisms?
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Muscle cells contract as actin filaments slide across the surface of myosin filaments, causing the ends of the muscle cells to pull together.This process requires energy in the form of ATP.Which process explains how energy is made available for muscle contraction?
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Bee venom contains acids and other compounds that cause the pain and itching from a bee sting.
Calamine lotion, which is a mild base, helps relieve the symptoms.Which best explains how the calamine lotion relieves a bee sting?
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Students are instructed to stain onion cells with an iodine solution prior to observing them with a microscope. During the procedure, a student finds an unlabeled bottle of an amber-colored solution at a lab station. What should the student do about the unlabeled bottle of solution?
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The enzyme lactase will break down the sugar lactose into which of the following components?
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(test 1 #13)
refer to the diagram on number 18.
When lithium reacts chemically with fluorine, the outennost electron of lithium will transfer to which numbered area in the diagram?
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(test #1 #27)
refer to the diagram on number 19.

Some students wanted to test which acid was most effective at preventing hornwonns from feeding on tomato plants.The students sprayed salicylic acid on one group of 15 tomato plants and jasmonic acid
on a second group of 15 tomato plants. Then students placed one homworm, with a mass of 30 to 35 mg, on each tomato plant. The students recorded the mass of the homworms after one week. The table shows the results of their investigation.
Which of these should the students do to make their conclusion more scientifically valid?
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(test 1 #45)
refer to question 20.
In a biology lab, students conducted a seed-germinating experiment. They wrapped seeds in paper towels soaked in different solutions.The paper towels were placed in separate petri dishes and kept at a constant temperature.The setup of the experiment is represented in the table below.

After 7 days, the students counted the number of seeds that had germinated. Which change in
procedure would improve the experiment?
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(test 3-12)
A chart listing the characteristics of four molecules is shown below.
Which molecule listed in the chart is a protein?
refer to # 21
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(test 3 60)
Students investigated how temperature affects the growth of a certain species of bacteria. The results of
the investigation are shown in the table below.
What conclusion is supported by the results of the investigation?
refer to #22
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test 3-31
A group of scientists tested the effect of a new medication on heart rate. The scientists gave different
doses of the medication to 1000 volunteers. The heart rates of the volunteers were measured both before
the medication was given and thirty minutes following administration of the medication. The average
change in heart rate is shown in the table below.
Which dosage had the greatest effect on heart rate?A 0 mg/kg of body weight
refer to #23
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Two safety features found in most laboratories are a safety shower and a safety fountain with two water jets.What is the main purpose of the safety fountain?