Current Affairs

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Recently National Judicial Appointment Commission (NJAC) has got president assent. NJAC comprises,
i. Chief Justice of India.
ii. Two senior judges of supreme courts.
iii. Two eminent personalities.
iv. The Prime Minister & Law Minister.
Choose the correct answers,
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Consider the following statement,
i. A team of researchers in Germany & Ireland has developed a new device that dramatically cuts the time to detect bacterial species that causes Urinary Tract Infection.
ii. The researchers identified E- Coli (Escherichia Facaelis) & Enterococcus Facaelis are two species which cause Urinary Tract Infection in 5 minutes.
iii. The speedy diagnosis mark a tremendous reduction in the wait time compared to lenghty lag which is often 24 hours or more often associated with methods routinely used to identify bacteria and diagnosis urinary tract infection
Select the correct statement / statements.
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Loksabha passed the Negotiable Instrument Bill (Amendment) Bill, 2015
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which one of the following issues the “Global Economic Prospect” report periodically.
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R.B.I has planned to keep the bank rate at?
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According to Maven’s Magnet Controversial Research May 2015, the three top initiatives of Modi Government in order of preference are?
i. Make in India.
ii. Jan Dhan Yojana.
iii. Swach Bharat Abhiyan.
The Correct Code is
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The National Disaster Management Authority has been order to execute the programme ofcyclone risk mitigation infrastrucutre NDMA works under which ministry?
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Consider the following statements,
i. Towards capacity building in human resources & to meet the growing demands of Indian Space Programme, the Indian Institute of Space & Technology (IIST) established in 2007 in Kerala.
ii. The Earth System Science Orgqanization was established in October 2007.
iii.The Centre for Earth Science Studies in Kerala (CESS). The National Centre For Siesmology has been formed to focus on Earth Quake research.
Which one of the above statement is / are incorrect?
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Which one of the following statement is / are not TRUE?
i. The Film Institute of India, Pune was set up by Government of India in 1960 under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
ii. FII constitute of Film Wing & Television Wing it offers three year diploma & P.G. Diploma
iii. The institute became a society in October 1974 under the registration of society act 1860.
iv. It’s branch is located at kolkatta and is named as Satyajeet Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFT).
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Consider the Following statement with respect to “Solidarity Prize”
i. The Soildarity Prize is awarded for promotion and protection of Democracy & Civil Liberties.
ii. The price has been establised by minister of foreign affairs of Republic of Poland. The selection of laureate is a two stage process. Fifteen Nominators are presenting there candidates.