Grammar Quiz

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1 point
Please write the following sentence correctly.

this mop the powerful red and wide cleaning utensil had the capability to talk solve crimes and transform people into a conglomeration of things
1 point
How many commas are in the corrected version of this sentence?
1 point
"The powerful, red, and wide cleaning utensil" is a/an
1 point
Why should be commas after powerful and red?
1 point
Please write the following sentence correctly. (No need to indent on here, but all other corrections MUST be evident)

i see it proclaimed blake of course that will be sufficient to annihilate these villainous creatures
1 point
Why should "Blake" be capitalized? (because it's a _____ _____)
1 point
Why should there be a comma after Blake?
1 point
What part of speech would the word "villainous" be in this sentence?
1 point
If we changed "Blake" to "the boy" in the sentence, what part of speech would "the boy" be? ("the boy" is a ______ ______)
1 point
Make "Blake" a pronoun. (Hint: re-read the sentence to make sure your pronoun makes sense)