Biology 3E

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Which of the following correctly describes the transpiration process?
1. water evaporates into the air spaces of the leaf
2. water molecules cohere so are pulled upwards in the xylem
3. water passes by osmosi through the stomata
4. water vapour diffuses through the mesophyll cells
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Why does chewing food help digestion?
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What does the yeast gain from fermentation?
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Which blood vessel carries blood with the lowest concentration of urea?
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Which processes can take place in a root hair cell when oxygen is not available?
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What is an example of active transprt?
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The small intestine contains a low concentration of glucose produced from the digestion of starch. Glucose is taken up by the cells of the villi. How does the glucose move?
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Plants use carbon dioxide and water to carry out photosynthesis. Which description is correct?
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Chemicals in tobacco smoke lead to the breakdown of the elastic tissue in the alveoli. What is the name of this condition?
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What is the role of cilia in the gaseous exhange syse?
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A food gives the following results on testing.
- a purple colour in the biuret test
- a blue colour when heated with Benedict's solution
- a yellow colour with iodine
- a white emulsion with ethanol

What nutrient does the food contain?
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The statements are about how liver deals with excess glucose.
1. it is converted toamino acids
2. it is converted to fats
3. it is deaminated to produce urea
4. it is stored sgycogen

Which statemens are correct?
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What cases the symptom of bronchitis?
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Which property of water is essental for blood to be pumped by the human heart?
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Which of the following subsances in cigarettes causes blood to clot easily?
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Which of the following cells can photosynthesizes?
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How is carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke harmful?
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A person's diet contains more protein than is needed for growth and repair. This causes increased production of ...
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What is the purpose of deamination?
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An experiment was performed on a young plant using an aphid stylet to measure the rate of transport in the phloem. The same pant was then placed in a bell jar and a chemical placed in the bell jar to absrob all the oxygen present. The rate of transport in the phloem decreased and then stopped.
What is the reason for this?
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The coronary arteries carry blood to the ___
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Which of the following is correct about the substrate and enyme?
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In the small intestine, a is the main function of the villi?
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Which conditions cause the fastest rate of transpiration?
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The cell sap of a root hair cell has a higher concentration of nitrates than the surrounding soil. Which feature of the cell stops these nitrates moving back from teh cell to the soil?