Chapter 5 Test

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1 point
Windows Utilities: Control Panel holds many other utilities and tools that allow you to configure your computer.
1 point
Windows ____________ is a built-in Windows 10 application that protects your system form spyware.
1 point
The ________ VPN protocol is the newest VPN protocol and can be used with Windows Server 2012/2012 R2.
1 point
_______ gives users the ability to provision Windows 10 onto an external USB drive.
1 point
The __________ is organized into a hierarchical tree format of keys and sub-keys that represent logical areas of computer configuration.
1 point
This application allows you to view Microsoft XML Paper Specification files.
1 point
Windows Utilities: Task Manager allows you to see what applications are running on the Windows systems.
1 point
Hibernation for a computer means that anything stored in memory is written to you hard disk.
1 point
With this application, you can speak or type into the Windows 10 system, and your personal assistant, ____________, will try to find answers to any queries that you may have.
1 point
__________allows network files to be available to clients even when the network connection to the server is unavailable or slow.
1 point
There is another web browser on Windows 10 called ________.
1 point
This application allows a user to capture an item on the desktop. The captured area can then be drawn on, highlighted, or saved to a file.
4 points
From the System icon in the Control Panel, you can also configure the following settings: choose all that apply
5 points
When you choose Personalization under the Settings menu, you have five different settings (or subsettings) that you can configure:
1 point
Remote ___________ provides a method for inviting help by instant message, email, a file, or no an Easy Connect option.
1 point
The virtual memory is an overflow for RAM.
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WiFi Pairing is a technology that allows us to directly access other devices without requiring a separate WiFi access point.
1 point
Power options are unimportant settings when dealing with laptops.
3 points
Choose the three preconfigured power plans on a Windows 10 desktop.
1 point
Transparent caching reduces the time required to access files for the second and subsequent times across a slow network.
1 point
Windows Utilities: Command Prompt allows you to program Windows 10 system using system commands.