The Testmoz Tests Dashboard

The Testmoz Tests Dashboard page displays all your tests. It includes the ability to search, filter and sort the tests. You can also perform bulk actions on multiple tests at a time.

The Search Box

The search box is located at the top of the quizzes page, and can be used to filter the quizzes by name or tag.

Searching by Name

To search by name, enter the text that you want to match into the search box, and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Filtering by Tag

If your quizzes have been tagged, you can filter the results by a tag or a boolean combination of tags (using AND, OR, and NOT operators).

The search syntax to filter by tags is:
where tagname is a tag name, or a boolean combination of tags (like tags:math OR science)

Boolean Tag Combinations

If your quizzes have multiple tags, and you want to partition by a boolean combination of the tags, you can use the boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. For example, if you enter tags:math OR science, any quiz that is tagged with math or science will appear in the results.

Searching by Name and Tag

You can search the tests by name and tag. Simply append the name search after the list of tags:

tags:math OR science earth

(Testmoz knows that "earth" is not a tag because there is no boolean operator between "science" and "earth")

Showing the Trash

Quizzes deleted within the last 30 days and be viewed by using the special "trash" tag.


Sorting Columns

You can click a column header like (Name, Status, Questions, etc) to sort by that column. The triangle next to the column name indicates the sort order (ascending or descending). Click the column name again to toggle ascending or descending sort.

Custom Sort with ↕

The column with the ↕ icon is special. You can click it, and your tests will be sorted by the order you defined. When sorting by this column, you can click the ↕ next to each row to drag and drop the tests in your preferred order. Testmoz will remember this order. When this sort column is active, all tests are displayed, including archived quizzes (any filter criteria in the search box will be ignored).

👁 Sort

If your public test list is enabled (in your account settings) the 👁 (eye) column will appear. You can click this to sort by whether the tests are visible on your public test list.

Tagging and Archiving

To help you organize your tests, you can add tags to them. If your test is no longer active, and you don't want to see it on your dashboard, you can archive it.

Manage Tags

To add, remove or set the tags on a test, check the checkbox next to the test's name. You can select a range of tests, by holding the shift key while you check the checkbox.

After you check one or more checkboxes, a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. From the menu, click Add Tags. A textbox will appear below the test name. You can type a tag name, and then press Enter on your keyboard. You can also hit the spacebar or tab key to add another tag. To edit a tag, double-click it. To delete it, double-click it, and delete the tag name.

Archive Tests

To archive a test, check its checkbox on the dashboard, and choose "Archive" from the menu at the bottom of the page.

To unarchive a test, you must first perform a search to display the archived tests. In the search box, type tags:archived and press the enter key. This will reveal your archived tests. Check the checkbox next to the test name, and choose Unarchive from the menu at the bottom.

Bulk Actions

To make it easier for you to perform common operations on multiple tests, Testmoz provides a handful of useful bulk actions.

To perform a bulk action, check the checkboxes next to the test name. You can hold the shift key down while checking a box to select a range of checkboxes.

After selecting one or more checkboxes, a menu will appear at the bottom of the page. You can choose an option, and then click "Go"

  • Edit Tags - Allows you to manage quiz tags for organizational purposes.
  • Archive - Allows you to archive a test so it does not appear (by default) on the Tests Dashboard.
  • Edit Access Control - This allows you to modify the access control settings of your test (like adding a new email address or identifier).
  • Combine into a new test - This allows you to combine multiple tests into a single new test.
  • Show/hide from your public test list page - This allows you to show or hide the test on your public test list page.
  • Clear all scores - This deletes all the test results on the selected tests.
  • Delete test - This adds your test to the trash.
  • Restore test - This restores your test from the trash.