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Science / 10 questions

Science includes biology (living things), chemistry (mixing of different materials) and physics (physical behaviour of matter). Which kind of science would you categorise the coloured milk experiment as?

clerkexam / 15 questions

1.gita,ravi & suresh are children of mr. & mrs. khanna 2.renu,raja & sumit are children of mr. & mrs. chopra 3.sumit & gita are married,ashok & sanjay are there children 4.garima & ram are children of mr. & mrs. chawla 5.garima is married to suresh and has 3 children rata,sonu,raju. how is sonu related to ravi

Biological Science / 10 questions

A carnivore eats, U-1 / 11 questions

I'd like to be able to speak German, English and French fluently after I graduate.

BioSci2013-14 / 29 questions

As a scientist you have the responsibility to report fully and openly the results of your experiments even if those results disagree with your favored hypothesis

BioSci / 20 questions

The item in the class room that best serves the purpose of being there for your SAFETY is

Eco Vocab / 15 questions

The study of relationships between living things and other living and non living things in their surrounding areas.

Development of Forensic Science / 10 questions

A person is found dead in her home; a drug overdose is suspected. One of the CSI technicians finds an empty prescription pill bottle on the floor. Which unit would be responsible for correctly identifying the contents of the empty bottle?

Grade 8 Chapter 1.1 / 16 questions

What is science all about?

The Study of Life / 10 questions

Name some things the biosphere includes.

Week 7 Science / 10 questions

To find the average throwing distance, you add the 3 throwing distances and divide by 3.

Biology IA Experiment / 10 questions

What is biology?

Development of Forensic Science / 10 questions

DNA evidence found and collected at a crime scene is analyzed in which lab?

Biology / 10 questions

The axial skeleton of a mammal does not include

Biology 2 / 10 questions

Which of these plants is not a pitcher plant?

Science Fair Test - 3 / 16 questions


physics test chapter 1 & 2 / 29 questions

The statement, "The Moon is made of Swiss cheese," would best be described within the scientific method as a(n)

Biology 1 / 18 questions

Which type of graph or chart would you use to show change over time?

BioSci2014-15 / 24 questions

In case of a lockdown it is recommended that you

Ch1 Notequiz #1 / 15 questions

True or False: All of the Earth's spheres are constantly interacting.

Vocab Quiz 5 Purple / 15 questions

Which word means "a device to look at things from a hidden location" ?

Choose the sentence that is grammatically correct / 15 questions

Choose the sentence that is grammatically correct

ES Chapter One Test / 45 questions

The study of how living things interact with each other and their nonliving environment:

Science Chapter 1 / 15 questions

In science, facts…

biology asessment 1 / 10 questions


Stories / 10 questions

Comedies are very sad!

STORIES / 10 questions

Complete Co_____

Yr 7 Classification / 22 questions

Living things can

8 biology / 10 questions

Көкіректе, қолтықта, мойында эпидермистің қалыңдығы

Honors Biology Prefix Quiz 8 / 15 questions


Extra: Episode 7 / 10 questions

Annie is studying ____________________.

School Vocab Test / 33 questions

sports ground

9.2-biology / 10 questions

The first ______ of photosynthesis requires sunlight.

Chapter 7 Vocabulary / 10 questions

cells that do not contain nuclei

Spelling Lesson 1 / 10 questions

She her car to be a pale ____________ color.

8.2- biology / 10 questions

The _______________ is the sequence of growth and division of a cell.

Spelling Final Exam 7th / 10 questions

A piece of advice about what to do in a particular situation; a suggestion about something that is good in a certain situation.

30.2-biology / 10 questions

Unlike fishes, most amphibians go through the process of _________.

chapter 9-biology / 10 questions

Energy is _________ to life.

31.2-biology / 10 questions

Flight requires high levels of ___________.

do you know jenna??? / 10 questions

i dont like

Comma Test / 20 questions

RULE 2: USE A COMMA TO SEPARATE TWO OR MORE ADJECTIVES THAT COME BEFORE A NOUN. (Example: Today was a long, exhausting day.) Susan wore a long green dress to the dance.

504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 5 / 12 questions

Historians will _______ the causes of the Vietnamese Conflict.

Science Process Skills - Biology / 10 questions

Scientific Notation is a shorthand way of expressing very large or very small numbers.

Sociology Chapter 1 / 25 questions

According to functionalists, society is held together by

HC Scientific Method Quiz / 12 questions

As her science fair project, a student wanted to test how the mass of a maple tree fruit (the 'helicopter' seed) affected the distance it could travel from the parent tree. She collected 200 fruits and sorted them into 3 mass groups: light, medium, and heavy. She marked the light fruits with a blue marker dot, the medium fruits with a yellow marker dot, and the heavy fruits with a red marker dot. Then, she climbed the balcony at the back of the gym and, one-by-one) dropped each fruit. She measure how far each fruit had traveled out from her starting point and noted its mass group. The independent variable is

Biology Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration / 21 questions

If photosynthesis occurs in the _______, cellular respiration happens in the ________.

31-biology / 10 questions

Because gas exchange cannot occur through scaly skin, reptiles are dependent on _________ as their primary organ of gas exchange.

Greek Roots Test / 12 questions

Meter means

Prefix Test / 13 questions

The prefix under in underdog or means-

Episode 21 / 10 questions

Who is Mr. Wizzy?

Biology / 19 questions

İt gənəsində xortumun əsasından nə başlayır?

NOS Vocabulary / 10 questions

Describes a pattern or event in nature that is always true

1.3 STUDYING LIFE / 10 questions

DNA can be copied and placed within new cellular material allowing for the creation of whole new organisms that are the same species as the parent. All living things can do this in one way or another and it is known as

biology / 10 questions

which one of the following is not considered as part of endomembranous system

Taxonomy and Organisms / 10 questions

The similarities among organisms ________ as you move down through the layers of taxonomy.

Taxonomy and Organisms / 10 questions

The similarities among organisms ________ as you move down through the layers of taxonomy.

Biology Mendel Quiz / 16 questions

Why would science have benefited from Mendel meeting Charles Darwin?

Nervous system Test / 10 questions

cutaneous nerves are responsible for?

The Earth quiz / 10 questions

This layer of the Earth consists of molten rock and is where convection currents occur

tay / 10 questions

what is my favorite color

Spelling Test / 20 questions

Choose the correct spelling

Vocab Quiz (Jan 17) R / 10 questions

Different gene forms.

Root review / 15 questions

The root of maternal is mater and means "mother or motherhood".

Roots Test / 15 questions

When I need to check the time I look at the chronometer.

9.3-biology / 10 questions

_____________ is a series of chemical reactions in the cytoplasm of a cell that break down glucose, a six-carbon compound, into two molecules of pyruvic acid, a three-carbon compound.


In mitosis the replication of DNA occurs during this phase

Genetic Surpreez / 12 questions

What type of plant did he use to study genetics?

Biology Quiz / 10 questions

Good bacteria live in the human ________________.

5th & 6th Grade Affix bio Spelling Test / 10 questions

I decided to begin a _________________ __________ so that I could live longer.

LANGUAGE ARTS 1bach lesson / 10 questions

4.- Change this sentence into reported speech. John said, "I love this town."

Science Unit 1 / 15 questions

You should wear an apron while doing ANY lab.

The Earth Quiz - Red day / 10 questions

The boundary where the two plates move towards each other

Biology Back-to-School Survey / 10 questions

But these ones just haven’t:

Global Mastery Quiz 4 / 15 questions

The act of spending money to make a profit.

Biology Quiz 4 / 12 questions

Name the two parts of the stamen.


science provides a resource of ________ for technology

Biology Study Guide / 50 questions

Triglycerides are composed of.....

How much do you know about Wojtek? / 10 questions

Here's the reason why he can't become a vegetarian right now.

Science Week Quiz - Thursday / 10 questions

There were three Astronauts in Apollo 11 on the first moon mission, one man did not walk on the moon in this crew. What was his name?

Vocab Quiz 4 PURPLE / 15 questions

This word means "high clouds".

Ch 4, Sect 2 Quiz / 10 questions

The most important social unit in a culture is the ____________.

Disciplines and subjects / 10 questions

Which discipline seeks to understand , appreciate and critique the human conduction in all its depth and range of meaning

Biology Chapter 14 / 10 questions

What is competitive exclusion?

Ecology Vocabulary Quiz #1 / 10 questions

a symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected

Semester Pretest / 10 questions

Livor Mortis occurs when:

Biology 2 / 31 questions

The study of matter and its properties, characteristics and behaviors

8.1-biology / 16 questions

The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane is called ______________.

Honors Biology Exam / 49 questions

Ions of molecules tend to diffuse from a region where they are ____ concentrated to another where they are ____ concentrated.

World History Test 1 / 16 questions

In which government system do you have one person who controls everything?

RNA-biology STAAR / 14 questions

Which of the following is found in RNA nucleotides but not in DNA nucleotides

Vocabulary #5 / 24 questions

antonym: utlimate

Semester 1 Binder Quiz Second Period / 15 questions

What is the function of a ribosome?

Unit 1: Intro to Geography / 12 questions

Lines that run horizontal around the globe or a map. They are either North or South of the Equator.

Joint Health And Safety Committee Survey / 10 questions

Currently, what floor has our largest first aid kit?

Toyota Trivia 2012 / 14 questions

What is Laurie's college degree in?

Living Things / 20 questions

A system of grouping things that are alike in some way is called

Ch 1 ICP Vocab Quiz / 19 questions

a proposed answer to a question

Ecology Moduel Test 1 / 20 questions

A genus name is one word. A species name is binomial -- the genus plus a second word.

Grade 6 reviewer / 25 questions

7 days is equal to _____ hours