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Vocabulary / 50 questions


vocabulary / 10 questions

the same or equal

Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose your answer.

vocabulary / 10 questions

a usually defective state of health

Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose your answer.

Vocabulary / 20 questions


vocabulary / 12 questions

to encircle, go or reach around; to enclose; to include with a certain group or class

Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose your answer.

Vocabulary / 25 questions

The audience ___ when the performer leaped.

Quiz / Vocabulary 1.3 / 30 questions

Look at the picture on the handouts and choose the appropriate vocabulary word for the picture.

Vocabulary Unit 8 Quiz / 20 questions

What are two kids most likely to barter?

Lesson 9 Weekly Test / 20 questions

Comprehension - Question 10

Unit 1 Vocabulary / 16 questions

Find the antonym (opposite) to the vocabulary word in capital letters: a FRAGILE instrument

H.W 3.1 (vocabulario de la ciudad) / 15 questions

Complete the sentence with the correct conjugation and vocabulary word. *In order to write your answer, simply leave a space between the verb and the vocabulary word. Follow the example, and do NOT include "el" or "la" for the vocabulary word. Example: Yo _____(leer) en la _____ (library). --> leo biblioteca Karina y Juan ______ (aprender) español en la_____ (school) -->

Vocabulary Unit 11 Quiz / 20 questions

Let me clarify, or

H.W 3.5 (Vocab el restaurante) / 15 questions

Translate the vocabulary word to Spanish. INCLUDE the article "el/la". fish -->

Unit 5 Review Quiz / 16 questions

Vocabulary. Fill in the blank with the correct word from Unit 5 vocabulary. On Wednesday after work Jun ___ in a terrible traffic jam.

Lesson 11 Weekly Test / 40 questions

Decoding - Question #2

Flocabulary Unit 5 Quiz / 20 questions

After three months, Zeena decided to forfeit. She...

H.W 4.1 (Family Vocabulary) / 15 questions

Add the appropriate possessive adjective according to the pronoun in parenthesis. (mi(s), tu(s), su(s), nuestro/a(s), su(s)) Karla es _____ (yo) prima.

Flocabulary Unit 3 / 20 questions

It all culminated. It

Vocabulary Unit 8 Quiz / 20 questions

Jamal said my plan to take my sister’s candy was too overt or

English Lab 1 Unit 10 Quiz / 20 questions

Review the vocabulary in unit 10. Match the description to the correct word: You use this to tell the time.

3 Cyber Pigs / 13 questions

Vocabulary: Amy's new computer is fast and...

Flocabulary Unit 9 Quiz / 20 questions

Choose the SYNONYM of the vocabulary word. enigma

Vocabulary Unit 11 Quiz / 20 questions

Let me clarify, or


Complete with the correct form of the appropriate verb. Make sure to conjugate it correctly. You MAY use your notes. As this counts as a vocabulary quiz, only your first attempt will be counted. Tu _____ dopo scuola. (sleep)

Flocabulary Unit 6 Test / 20 questions

Leona exemplified strong leadership abilities. She

Yonder Mountain / 10 questions

Use what you know about the target vocabulary and homophones and homographs to answer the question. Which word best completes the sentence below? When the elf laughs, he sounds happy and —

Biography Vocabulary / 23 questions

To seize; to arrest

NOS Vocabulary / 10 questions

Describes a pattern or event in nature that is always true

Vocabulary 1 / 15 questions

What means to condemn openly or to accuse formally?

Coding Vocabulary / 18 questions

Finding and fixing errors in programs

Vocabulary IV / 20 questions


Ecosystems Vocabulary / 20 questions

Individuals of the same kind living in the same environment make up a ____________?

Vocabulary VII / 20 questions

agonizing physical or mental pain; torment

Geography Vocabulary / 10 questions

The ______________ _____________ is the imaginary line that divides the Earth from North to the South Poles. It divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres

Ag Vocabulary / 15 questions

three circle model:

Vocabulary 2 / 15 questions

Domain is

Military Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose the correct movement that the teacher is doing.

Minerals Vocabulary / 18 questions

A hollow rock inside which mineral crystals have formed is called a

Vocabulary 5 / 10 questions

Gerald was ----about Jordon and his abuse toward Angel and himself.

Vocabulary 4 / 12 questions

The servings at the restaurant are much too large. Plates are heaped with more food than anyone could eat.

Vocabulary Character / 17 questions

Usually I sit in business or first class, and those passengers are pretty ____ about flying even during horrible turblence.

Vocabulary cogn32 / 15 questions

Ashleigh was such a _____________________ student that she studied for tests even when they were not announced.

Angle Vocabulary / 10 questions

Any angle that measures more than 90 degrees

Hale vocabulary / 20 questions

Which word is a synonym for odd

Computer Vocabulary / 20 questions

To store a document for future use is to save the document.

Basketball Vocabulary / 10 questions

The orange cylinder and net at which the offensive players shoot the ball to score points.

Basketball Vocabulary / 10 questions

The orange cylinder and net at which the offensive players shoot the ball to score points.



Vocabulary Test / 20 questions


Weather Vocabulary / 10 questions

a line that connects points of equal temperature on a weather map

Science Vocabulary / 15 questions

The big bang ... is the idea that the universe began with a single large explosion (the 'big bang'), and that the pieces are still flying apart.

Vocabulary V / 20 questions


Vocabulary Test / 10 questions

The ___ is the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

Vocabulary test / 10 questions

If you're not sure what the word means,____ in a dictionary.

Yearbook Vocabulary / 25 questions

What does the term "lead" refer to within a yearbook staff?

Math Vocabulary / 10 questions

To pass something out

Vocabulary Test / 30 questions

The word "detecting" in line 18 is closest in meaning to

Vocabulary Test / 10 questions

Yesterday _____ Thursday.

Vocabulary 3.7.14 / 24 questions


Vocabulary 3.1 / 10 questions

No rain for an extended amount of time.

Vocabulary #5 / 24 questions

antonym: utlimate

Sound Vocabulary / 10 questions

The part of the ear that hears the sound is called the

Algebra Vocabulary / 16 questions

a number decreased by 10

Math Vocabulary / 20 questions

The point where the xaxis and yaxis intersect on the coordinate plane. (0,0)

Vocabulary 8 / 34 questions

The right to vote is...

Debate Vocabulary / 25 questions

It is important to be on time for class.

Vocabulary U2W5 / 12 questions

Some who is lonely and miserable is ___________.

Keyboarding Vocabulary / 21 questions

you should arch your wrist when typing on the keyboard.

Egypt vocabulary / 12 questions


Vocabulary C / 36 questions

Jane Addams won great __________ for her noble work to help pele living in slums.

Stormalong Vocabulary / 10 questions

What does the word horrified mean in the sentence below? We were horrified to see the damage the storm caused.

Target Vocabulary / 10 questions

Pick your answer

Weekly Vocabulary / 10 questions

disturbing =

Food Vocabulary / 20 questions


Vocabulary L5 / 22 questions

nuclear - extinct - solar - wind

Vocabulary Quiz / 10 questions

Each of the two lower chambers of the heart that pumps blood out of the heart.

Letter Vocabulary / 25 questions

...the author's keyed name in the closing of the letter

Entrepreneurship Vocabulary / 11 questions

A legal relation existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a business is a proprietor.

Vocabulary #6 / 25 questions

to supply in a way that is small

Animal Vocabulary / 10 questions

The underside or belly of an animal is called:

Digestion Vocabulary / 15 questions

Muscle contractions that move food through the entire digestive tract.

Ag Vocabulary / 15 questions

Agriscience Fair

Mesopotamia Vocabulary / 15 questions

Which of the following is the correct social order of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia Vocabulary / 15 questions

Which of the following explains the meaning of the word civilization?

Egypt vocabulary / 12 questions


Ag Vocabulary / 15 questions


Vocabulary II / 20 questions

a wetland

Vocabulary III / 20 questions

describing an eccentric characteristic peculiar to an individual or a group

Vocabulary VI / 20 questions

behavior that is assumed rather than natural; artificiality

Expressions Vocabulary / 10 questions

The number multiplied by (in front of) the variable.

Grammar Vocabulary / 40 questions

What is the SUBJECT of this sentence? The woman wrote an email.

Night Vocabulary / 32 questions

Synonym: deportation

NonFiction Vocabulary / 18 questions

The synonym for curiosity is interest

Vocabulary 2.28.14 / 26 questions

Volunteer means

SOUND vocabulary / 10 questions

a sound reflection

Vocabulary Test / 11 questions

parallel structure

Polygons Vocabulary / 22 questions