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Vocabulary / 20 questions


vocabulary / 10 questions

the same or equal

Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose your answer.

Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose your answer.

Vocabulary / 25 questions

The audience ___ when the performer leaped.

Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose your answer.

Vocabulary / 50 questions


vocabulary / 12 questions

to encircle, go or reach around; to enclose; to include with a certain group or class

vocabulary / 10 questions

a usually defective state of health

Quiz / Vocabulary 1.3 / 30 questions

Look at the picture on the handouts and choose the appropriate vocabulary word for the picture.

H.W 3.1 (vocabulario de la ciudad) / 15 questions

Complete the sentence with the correct conjugation and vocabulary word. *In order to write your answer, simply leave a space between the verb and the vocabulary word. Follow the example, and do NOT include "el" or "la" for the vocabulary word. Example: Yo _____(leer) en la _____ (library). --> leo biblioteca Karina y Juan ______ (aprender) español en la_____ (school) -->

Unit 1 Vocabulary / 16 questions

Find the antonym (opposite) to the vocabulary word in capital letters: a FRAGILE instrument

Unit 5 Review Quiz / 16 questions

Vocabulary. Fill in the blank with the correct word from Unit 5 vocabulary. On Wednesday after work Jun ___ in a terrible traffic jam.

Lesson 11 Weekly Test / 40 questions

Decoding - Question #2

H.W 3.5 (Vocab el restaurante) / 15 questions

Translate the vocabulary word to Spanish. INCLUDE the article "el/la". fish -->

Vocabulary Unit 8 Quiz / 20 questions

What are two kids most likely to barter?

Vocabulary Unit 11 Quiz / 20 questions

Let me clarify, or

Flocabulary Unit 4 Quiz / 20 questions

Choose the ANTONYM of the vocabulary word. plunder

Flocabulary Unit 5 Quiz / 20 questions

Choose the SYNONYM of the vocabulary word. ultimate

Flocabulary Unit 2 / 20 questions

Choose the SYNONYM of the vocabulary word. grapple

Vocabulary Unit 11 Quiz / 20 questions

Let me clarify, or

Lesson 9 Weekly Test / 20 questions

Comprehension - Question 10

Vocabulary Unit 7 Quiz / 20 questions

If someone is deceptive then

English Lab 1 Unit 10 Quiz / 20 questions

Review the vocabulary in unit 10. Match the description to the correct word: You use this to tell the time.

Vocabulary Unit 10 Quiz / 20 questions

Choose the SYNONYM of the vocabulary word. facilitate

Vocabulary 01 / 30 questions

Tanya jumped when she saw one of these crawling across her living room. She's sure it had a hundred legs!

Vocabulary II / 20 questions

a wetland

Ecosystems Vocabulary / 20 questions

Individuals of the same kind living in the same environment make up a ____________?

Basketball Vocabulary / 10 questions

The orange cylinder and net at which the offensive players shoot the ball to score points.

Vocabulary Test / 10 questions

Yesterday _____ Thursday.



Vocabulary 3.1 / 10 questions

No rain for an extended amount of time.

Formatting Vocabulary / 12 questions

Used to arrange items in a list with each item beginning with a bullet or number.

Genetics Vocabulary / 25 questions

In humans, long eyelashes are dominant (E) and short eyelashes are recessive (e). If both parents have short eyelashes, what will the offspring's genotype be?

Vocabulary Review / 25 questions

digital information

Weekly Vocabulary / 10 questions

disturbing =

Hale vocabulary / 20 questions

Which word is a synonym for odd

Vocabulary Test / 30 questions

The word "detecting" in line 18 is closest in meaning to

Vocabulary Test / 10 questions

The ___ is the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

Vocabulary Test / 10 questions

Wearing heavy backpacks, these students ________ unsteadily to class.

Egypt vocabulary / 12 questions


Egypt vocabulary / 12 questions


Military Vocabulary / 10 questions

Which is the definition of break through?

Minerals Vocabulary / 18 questions

A hollow rock inside which mineral crystals have formed is called a

Vocabulary Quiz / 19 questions

What part of speech is protrude?

Coding Vocabulary / 18 questions

Finding and fixing errors in programs

Vocabulary #15 / 25 questions

antonym: hardy

Vocabulary Test / 11 questions

parallel structure

Module 16 / 30 questions

Listening CD3/22 - Choose one missing fact. The last Tsar abdicated in ... .

Weather Vocabulary / 10 questions

when it is "Hace frio" what clothing listed below do you wear?

IPS Vocabulary / 50 questions

a column of the periodic table of elements

FCE vocabulary / 30 questions

Robert knew he was at ............ and decided to apologise

Earth Vocabulary / 11 questions

the theory that continents move apart from each other

Angle Vocabulary / 10 questions

Any angle that measures more than 90 degrees

Vocabulary #8 / 10 questions

After this year I will submit my letter of ___________________________ and stay home with my children.

Night Vocabulary / 32 questions

Synonym: deportation

Ag Vocabulary / 15 questions

three circle model:

Mesopotamia Vocabulary / 15 questions

Which of the following is the correct social order of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia Vocabulary / 15 questions

Which of the following explains the meaning of the word civilization?

NOS Vocabulary / 10 questions

Describes a pattern or event in nature that is always true

Algebra Vocabulary / 16 questions

a number decreased by 10

Vocabulary 2 / 15 questions

Domain is

Debate Vocabulary / 25 questions

It is important to be on time for class.

Vocabulary 8º / 22 questions

They aren't afraid ___ spiders.

Vocabulary 1 / 15 questions

What means to condemn openly or to accuse formally?

Animation Vocabulary / 11 questions

Written story of a film that supplies dialogue, camera moves, background, staging and action.

Vocabulary Character / 17 questions

Usually I sit in business or first class, and those passengers are pretty ____ about flying even during horrible turblence.

Vocabulary 3 / 12 questions

When Maggie __________________d her reasons for wanting to marry Joe, she realized that they were not good ones.

Vocabulary IV / 20 questions


Vocabulary Finale / 30 questions


Keyboarding Vocabulary / 21 questions

you should arch your wrist when typing on the keyboard.

Equations Vocabulary / 10 questions

A letter that represents an unknown quantity.

Greece Vocabulary / 20 questions

Sparta and Athens are examples. What is the term for a large city and the surrounding area?

Ethics Vocabulary / 10 questions

The obligation of a business to contribute to the well-being of a community.

Math Vocabulary / 20 questions

The point where the xaxis and yaxis intersect on the coordinate plane. (0,0)

Vocabulary #6 / 25 questions

to supply in a way that is small

Ag Vocabulary / 15 questions

Agriscience Fair

class vocabulary / 13 questions


Entrepreneurship Vocabulary / 11 questions

A legal relation existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a business is a proprietor.

Weather Vocabulary / 21 questions

This is a winter storm that lasts at least three hours with temperatures of -12 degrees C or below, poor visibility, and winds of at least 51 km/h.

Biography Vocabulary / 23 questions

To seize; to arrest

Sound Vocabulary / 10 questions

The part of the ear that hears the sound is called the

Military Vocabulary / 10 questions

Choose the correct movement that the teacher is doing.

Vocabulary #8 / 10 questions

It will only require a few more nasty comments to _____________________ distrust with my best friend.

Vocabulary 4 / 12 questions

If the boy was indomitable it means he probably .....

Vocabulary IX / 20 questions


Vocabulary 5 / 10 questions

Gerald was ----about Jordon and his abuse toward Angel and himself.

Vocabulary Test / 20 questions


Library Vocabulary / 14 questions

When I ____________ books I can keep them for seven days, and then I have to bring them back.

Vocabulary V / 20 questions


Vocabulary VIII / 20 questions

lacking moral restraint; indulging in sensual pleasure or vices

Cask Vocabulary / 10 questions

If you want "impunity", you want...

Computer Vocabulary / 20 questions

To store a document for future use is to save the document.

Basketball Vocabulary / 10 questions

The orange cylinder and net at which the offensive players shoot the ball to score points.

Vocabulary 4 / 12 questions

The servings at the restaurant are much too large. Plates are heaped with more food than anyone could eat.

Vocabulary 6 / 12 questions

Many athletes ___________________ an Olympic medal by practicing hours a day for years, but only a few athletes can actually win one.

Stormalong Vocabulary / 10 questions

What does the word horrified mean in the sentence below? We were horrified to see the damage the storm caused.

Vocabulary L5 / 22 questions

nuclear - extinct - solar - wind

Food Vocabulary / 20 questions


Vocabulary Quiz / 10 questions

Each of the two lower chambers of the heart that pumps blood out of the heart.