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Grade 8 Chapter 1.1 / 16 questions

What is science all about?

Science / 10 questions

Science includes biology (living things), chemistry (mixing of different materials) and physics (physical behaviour of matter). Which kind of science would you categorise the coloured milk experiment as?

Science 9 Prac-Quiz / 13 questions

Earthquakes is under:

physics test chapter 1 & 2 / 29 questions

The statement, "The Moon is made of Swiss cheese," would best be described within the scientific method as a(n)

ES Chapter One Test / 45 questions

The study of how living things interact with each other and their nonliving environment:

Week 7 Science / 10 questions

To find the average throwing distance, you add the 3 throwing distances and divide by 3.

Grade 6 reviewer / 25 questions

7 days is equal to _____ hours

Science Week Quiz - Thursday / 10 questions

There were three Astronauts in Apollo 11 on the first moon mission, one man did not walk on the moon in this crew. What was his name?

35 MIL EXAM / 15 questions

What do you consider life's greatest virtue? (150 characters min.)

Parks Trivia / 20 questions

When was Parks College founded?

6.3-physics / 10 questions

Your mass is represented by _____.

Chapter 32 Electrostatics / 21 questions

The primary purpose of a lightning rod is to

Science Chapter 1 / 15 questions

In science, facts…

6.2-physics / 10 questions

Any force can be a centripetal force if its action causes an object to move in a ________.

Sound Discrimination / 12 questions

Which is not a property of sound?

Restoration/Satire Unit Test Part 1 / 50 questions

The Age of Reason movement is characterized by _____ and known as _____ .

7.1-physics / 10 questions

A compound is made up of only one type of __________.

7.4- physics / 10 questions

Thermal energy is also absorbed by ____________.

Science Week Quiz - Monday / 10 questions

What does a vulcanologist study?


______ Engineers determine the correct structure for a bridge to carry vehicles accross a river

School Vocab Test / 33 questions

sports ground

Bomb Part 1 / 23 questions

Japan and Germany were allies (worked together) in WWII.

G7 Music Physics 2012 / 18 questions

I DID #17

saving, sharing, backing up / 10 questions

Which of these is the correct format to save a file

Test your knowledge 3 / 10 questions

I speak Hebrew and French but Ann ..........

2nd 6 weeks-physics / 27 questions

The distance an object travels may be calculated by dividing the speed of an object by the time of travel.

1.2- physics / 17 questions

Things in the universe happen over a ________ range of time intervals.

chapter 6.1- physics / 10 questions

Velocity is speed with direction, so velocity is a ________.

5.1-physics / 10 questions

_________ is important to fully describe each of these quantities.

7.2-physics / 10 questions

The common alcohol thermometer uses the expansion of colored liquid __________ as a gauge.

Oct 11th / 10 questions

Princess Noriko's new husband is a Shinto p___.

Physics / 50 questions

A near sighted person needs a diverging lens to correct her vision.

physics / 15 questions

An ancient Time measuring device SUNDIAL at JantarMantar is in

Physics / 10 questions

It was once recorded that a Jaguar left skid marks that were 290 m in length. Assuming that the Jaguar skidded to a stop with a constant acceleration of -3.90 m/s2, determine the speed of the Jaguar before it began to skid.

Physics / 24 questions

When you lie on a spring mattress, it pushes most strongly on the parts of you that stick into it the farthest. Why doesn’t it push up evenly on your entire body?

Physics / 21 questions

What is Motion?

Disciplines and subjects / 10 questions

Which discipline seeks to understand , appreciate and critique the human conduction in all its depth and range of meaning

7.3-physics / 10 questions

The ________ is often written as Calorie.

5.2- physics / 10 questions

Newton's third law explains why a spring's ______ acts opposite the direction it is stretched.

5.4 physics / 10 questions

The _____ ____ _______ is an imaginary line in the direction of the force and passing through the point where the force is applied.

Science 1st week / 10 questions


Macro - Homework 2 / 10 questions

Which of the following statements is correct?

Micro - Homework 2 / 10 questions

Which of the following statements is correct?

Kolbe Physics 10 / 15 questions

3. How many significant figures are in the number 500 124.

Newton's laws quiz / 10 questions

Will it take more force to move a 400 kg hippopotamus or a 100 kg dog?

Scrödinger's cat test / 10 questions

Finish this sentence. Half the time kitty ________ half the time kitty _________

How much do you know about Wojtek? / 10 questions

Here's the reason why he can't become a vegetarian right now.

Spelling Test 26 / 20 questions

A free World Series ticket will _______ delight the fan.

December 12th / 10 questions

The HondaJet has been in development for ...

3.1- 7th grade / 18 questions

Light and heat do not take up space, and they have no _______.

JKDC7 / 50 questions

How many characteristics do we use to classify waveforms?

Progress test - meta 1 - segundo periodo - 7 / 48 questions

VOCABULARY: Complete the sentences with the appropriate word. (Use lowercase) speedboats climbed bridge burned helicopter bicycle buildings flames smoke discovered planes trains car destroyed carried earthquake left 6 Fire can destroy houses and __________ very quickly.

Physics-1 / 10 questions

रॉकेट कोणत्या संरक्षण नियमाच्या आधारावर कार्य करते?

Turkish Culture Trivia / 10 questions

Where is the house of Virgin Mary?


science provides a resource of ________ for technology

Diversity in science and the civil service / 10 questions

20 government departments, devolved administrations and NDPBs have a Chief Scientific Advisor. How many of them are women?

C5 ionic bonding / 10 questions

If a Sodium Chloride crystal was heated to 300 degrees Celsius, the structure would...

physics quiz / 10 questions

The tendency of an object to remain at rest or to remain in motion is...

Physics-Electrostatics / 14 questions

A positive ion has

physics quiz / 10 questions

This states; “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but changes from one form to another”

Sound Physics / 39 questions

Constructive Interference

Physics Final - Part Two / 15 questions

The law of conservation of mass states that if there are no outside forces acting on an object, the amount of momentum will stay the same.

8.2-physics / 26 questions

Buoyancy forces are created by differences in _________.

5.3 physics / 23 questions

The greater the _______ squeezing two surfaces together, the greater the friction force.

Physics 4.0 / 25 questions

What is one word you would use to describe this class? If you want to write more feel free.

Physics FINAL / 40 questions

Vector A has a direction of 237 degrees. Which of the following best describes vector A?

Physics Questions / 20 questions

What is the current in a ciruit with a resistance of 6 ohms and a potential difference of 18 V?

Physics Electricity / 35 questions

(refer to diagram #2 on the separate diagram sheet) A negative test charge placed at point B will have ___________ potential energy than if it were placed at point A.

Science Week 2012 Tuesday / 10 questions

What is the Theme of this years Science week?

Ch1 Notequiz #1 / 15 questions

True or False: All of the Earth's spheres are constantly interacting.

Ch 1 ICP Vocab Quiz / 19 questions

a proposed answer to a question

Grammar / 10 questions

Either the physicians in this hospital or the chief administrator ____ going to have to make a decision.

Boys VS. Girls / 10 questions

What is a percentage?

3.2- 7th grade / 27 questions

Emotions, thoughts, and ideas are not _______ either.

Chapter 1 Test / 25 questions

Your personal health is improved through advancement of health science and lifestyle choices by the individual and their friends.

General Knowledge Test / 10 questions

Scientology is one of the largest cults in the US, and around the globe - but who was its founder?

Solar System Intro / 22 questions

The first ----- planets are called the inner planets or the terrestrial planets.

Physics Do Now 11/7 / 20 questions

Unbalanced forces acting on an object cause the object to _____.

A.P. Physics Practice Test / 50 questions


chapter 8-physics / 25 questions

The density of a material depend on two _________.

We Didnt Start the Fire / 22 questions

She was the first American "Sex Symbol."

data sufficiency / 13 questions

Question: In a certain code, 'XYZ' means 'We are friends'. Which letter stands for 'We' ? Statements: I. 'PYN' means 'They are classmates'. II. 'ZMS' means 'We love them'. III. 'PX' means 'Hello friends',

Physics Vocab Quiz / 17 questions

Stored energy an object has due to its position

Theories of Forgetting / 20 questions

Bob has a new job. Whenever people ask him the phone number of his employer, he can only remember his OLD employer's number. This is an example of

Radiology Image based Test - / 10 questions

Have a look at the below CT scan of the thorax. What is the probable diagnosis?

Physics Notebook Test / 20 questions

Ampere is the unit for _________________________. pg 12

Physics Vocab Quiz / 17 questions

The speed of an object at one instant in time is

Physics Unit Exam 1 / 30 questions

23. If three balls were dropped from a height all at the same time, which would hit the ground first? (Assume there is no air resistance.)

Magnetism and Electricity / 25 questions

Rubber is put around wires to protect humans from the heat generated by current flowing through the wire. Rubber is used because it is a(n) _____.

Year 10 Physics / 25 questions

Why does an object fall?

English Grammar Test / 30 questions

After Michael Jackson death, "This is it" concert was ______. (call)

Team X802 Quiz - Easter / 10 questions

Victoria asks - How many days separates the earliest possible day Easter Sunday can fall on from the latest day it can fall on ?

Physics Notebook Test / 20 questions

If you increase the mass of two objects what happens to the gravitational force?

Module 2, 3, 4 - Spacecraft & Orbits / 15 questions

When using an inclined orbit satellite you usually will not need a tracking antenna.

midterm physics 2 / 40 questions

Which of the following is true about the x component of a projectile?

Physics for soliton / 10 questions

A bag contains 12 white and 18 black balls. Two balls are drawn in succession without replacement. What is the probability that first is white and second is black?

quants / 10 questions

In a mixture 60 litres, the ratio of milk and water 2:1. If the this ratio is to be 1:2, then the quantity of water to be further added is:

Trigger Warning Administrator Test / 10 questions

A person of interest joins the server. The person sounds highly attractive and shows a lot of affection to you. However by spectating the person you notice that (s)he is obviously hacking. What do you do?

Module 2 Physics / 50 questions

Water is a/an...

Test 3 Physics / 30 questions

Why does a relatively modest narrowing of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart, cause a dramatic drop in the amount of blood flowing through them?