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Grade 8 Chapter 1.1 / 16 questions

What is science all about?

Science / 10 questions

Science includes biology (living things), chemistry (mixing of different materials) and physics (physical behaviour of matter). Which kind of science would you categorise the coloured milk experiment as?

Science 9 Prac-Quiz / 13 questions

Earthquakes is under:

physics test chapter 1 & 2 / 29 questions

The statement, "The Moon is made of Swiss cheese," would best be described within the scientific method as a(n)

ES Chapter One Test / 45 questions

The study of how living things interact with each other and their nonliving environment:

Week 7 Science / 10 questions

To find the average throwing distance, you add the 3 throwing distances and divide by 3.

Science Week Quiz - Thursday / 10 questions

There were three Astronauts in Apollo 11 on the first moon mission, one man did not walk on the moon in this crew. What was his name?

Grade 6 reviewer / 25 questions

7 days is equal to _____ hours

Science Chapter 1 / 15 questions

In science, facts…

35 MIL EXAM / 15 questions

What do you consider life's greatest virtue? (150 characters min.)


______ Engineers determine the correct structure for a bridge to carry vehicles accross a river

Restoration/Satire Unit Test Part 1 / 50 questions

The Age of Reason movement is characterized by _____ and known as _____ .

2nd 6 weeks-physics / 27 questions

The distance an object travels may be calculated by dividing the speed of an object by the time of travel.

G7 Music Physics 2012 / 18 questions

I DID #17

Oct 11th / 10 questions

Princess Noriko's new husband is a Shinto p___.

School Vocab Test / 33 questions

sports ground

Parks Trivia / 20 questions

When was Parks College founded?

chapter 6.1- physics / 10 questions

Velocity is speed with direction, so velocity is a ________.

6.2-physics / 10 questions

Any force can be a centripetal force if its action causes an object to move in a ________.

6.3-physics / 10 questions

Your mass is represented by _____.

5.1-physics / 10 questions

_________ is important to fully describe each of these quantities.

7.2-physics / 10 questions

The common alcohol thermometer uses the expansion of colored liquid __________ as a gauge.

5.4 physics / 10 questions

The _____ ____ _______ is an imaginary line in the direction of the force and passing through the point where the force is applied.

Sound Discrimination / 12 questions

Which is not a property of sound?

Chapter 32 Electrostatics / 21 questions

The primary purpose of a lightning rod is to

7.4- physics / 10 questions

Thermal energy is also absorbed by ____________.

Test your knowledge 3 / 10 questions

I speak Hebrew and French but Ann ..........

5.2- physics / 10 questions

Newton's third law explains why a spring's ______ acts opposite the direction it is stretched.

Science 1st week / 10 questions


Science Week Quiz - Monday / 10 questions

What does a vulcanologist study?

7.1-physics / 10 questions

A compound is made up of only one type of __________.

7.3-physics / 10 questions

The ________ is often written as Calorie.

Bomb Part 1 / 23 questions

Japan and Germany were allies (worked together) in WWII.

Kolbe Physics 10 / 15 questions

3. How many significant figures are in the number 500 124.

JKDC7 / 50 questions

How many characteristics do we use to classify waveforms?

Turkish Culture Trivia / 10 questions

Where is the house of Virgin Mary?

saving, sharing, backing up / 10 questions

Which of these is the correct format to save a file

Physics-1 / 10 questions

रॉकेट कोणत्या संरक्षण नियमाच्या आधारावर कार्य करते?


science provides a resource of ________ for technology

1.2- physics / 17 questions

Things in the universe happen over a ________ range of time intervals.

Macro - Homework 2 / 10 questions

Which of the following statements is correct?

Micro - Homework 2 / 10 questions

Which of the following statements is correct?

Spelling Test 26 / 20 questions

A free World Series ticket will _______ delight the fan.

Disciplines and subjects / 10 questions

Which discipline seeks to understand , appreciate and critique the human conduction in all its depth and range of meaning

How much do you know about Wojtek? / 10 questions

Here's the reason why he can't become a vegetarian right now.

Newton's laws quiz / 10 questions

Will it take more force to move a 400 kg hippopotamus or a 100 kg dog?

Ch1 Notequiz #1 / 15 questions

True or False: All of the Earth's spheres are constantly interacting.

Grammar / 10 questions

Either the physicians in this hospital or the chief administrator ____ going to have to make a decision.

C5 ionic bonding / 10 questions

If a Sodium Chloride crystal was heated to 300 degrees Celsius, the structure would...

December 12th / 10 questions

The HondaJet has been in development for ...

Physics / 21 questions

What is Motion?

Diversity in science and the civil service / 10 questions

20 government departments, devolved administrations and NDPBs have a Chief Scientific Advisor. How many of them are women?

Scrödinger's cat test / 10 questions

Finish this sentence. Half the time kitty ________ half the time kitty _________

Science Week 2012 Tuesday / 10 questions

What is the Theme of this years Science week?

Ch 1 ICP Vocab Quiz / 19 questions

a proposed answer to a question

A.P. Physics Practice Test / 50 questions


Boys VS. Girls / 10 questions

What is a percentage?

General Knowledge Test / 10 questions

Scientology is one of the largest cults in the US, and around the globe - but who was its founder?

3.1- 7th grade / 18 questions

Light and heat do not take up space, and they have no _______.

chapter 8-physics / 25 questions

The density of a material depend on two _________.

8.2-physics / 26 questions

Buoyancy forces are created by differences in _________.

Physics Vocab Quiz / 17 questions

The speed of an object at one instant in time is

Progress test - meta 1 - segundo periodo - 7 / 48 questions

VOCABULARY: Complete the sentences with the appropriate word. (Use lowercase) speedboats climbed bridge burned helicopter bicycle buildings flames smoke discovered planes trains car destroyed carried earthquake left 6 Fire can destroy houses and __________ very quickly.

Physics Vocab Quiz / 17 questions

Stored energy an object has due to its position

Physics Notebook Test / 20 questions

Ampere is the unit for _________________________. pg 12

physics quiz / 10 questions

This states; “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but changes from one form to another”

physics quiz / 10 questions

The tendency of an object to remain at rest or to remain in motion is...

physics / 15 questions

An ancient Time measuring device SUNDIAL at JantarMantar is in

English Grammar Test / 30 questions

After Michael Jackson death, "This is it" concert was ______. (call)

5.3 physics / 23 questions

The greater the _______ squeezing two surfaces together, the greater the friction force.

Team X802 Quiz - Easter / 10 questions

Victoria asks - How many days separates the earliest possible day Easter Sunday can fall on from the latest day it can fall on ?

Magnetism and Electricity / 25 questions

Rubber is put around wires to protect humans from the heat generated by current flowing through the wire. Rubber is used because it is a(n) _____.

Physics / 24 questions

When you lie on a spring mattress, it pushes most strongly on the parts of you that stick into it the farthest. Why doesn’t it push up evenly on your entire body?

Physics / 10 questions

It was once recorded that a Jaguar left skid marks that were 290 m in length. Assuming that the Jaguar skidded to a stop with a constant acceleration of -3.90 m/s2, determine the speed of the Jaguar before it began to skid.

Physics / 50 questions

A near sighted person needs a diverging lens to correct her vision.

data sufficiency / 13 questions

Question: In a certain code, 'XYZ' means 'We are friends'. Which letter stands for 'We' ? Statements: I. 'PYN' means 'They are classmates'. II. 'ZMS' means 'We love them'. III. 'PX' means 'Hello friends',

Physics Final - Part Two / 15 questions

The law of conservation of mass states that if there are no outside forces acting on an object, the amount of momentum will stay the same.

Physics-Electrostatics / 14 questions

A positive ion has

quants / 10 questions

In a mixture 60 litres, the ratio of milk and water 2:1. If the this ratio is to be 1:2, then the quantity of water to be further added is:

Radiology Image based Test - / 10 questions

Have a look at the below CT scan of the thorax. What is the probable diagnosis?

Solar System Intro / 22 questions

The first ----- planets are called the inner planets or the terrestrial planets.

Physics Unit Exam 1 / 30 questions

23. If three balls were dropped from a height all at the same time, which would hit the ground first? (Assume there is no air resistance.)

Physics Do Now 11/7 / 20 questions

Unbalanced forces acting on an object cause the object to _____.

Chapter 1 Test / 25 questions

Your personal health is improved through advancement of health science and lifestyle choices by the individual and their friends.

3.2- 7th grade / 27 questions

Emotions, thoughts, and ideas are not _______ either.

Physics Notebook Test / 20 questions

If you increase the mass of two objects what happens to the gravitational force?

Voc Test 7th grade Spring 2014 / 25 questions

Income from taxes, licenses, etc. used by a city, state, or nation.

Module 2, 3, 4 - Spacecraft & Orbits / 15 questions

When using an inclined orbit satellite you usually will not need a tracking antenna.

Chinese II Midterm quiz 1 / 50 questions

暖(nuǎn) 和(hé)

Physics Questions / 20 questions

What is the current in a ciruit with a resistance of 6 ohms and a potential difference of 18 V?


The density of an alloy is 5000 kg/m^3. What is the density in g/m^3?

Theories of Forgetting / 20 questions

Bob has a new job. Whenever people ask him the phone number of his employer, he can only remember his OLD employer's number. This is an example of

We Didnt Start the Fire / 22 questions

She was the first American "Sex Symbol."

2016 Academic Quiz Test 3 / 30 questions

Where is the worlds largest supply of fresh water?

Techno Wizards Pretest / 20 questions

On which device would you most likely find a trackpad?

Sound Physics / 39 questions

Constructive Interference

Physics 4.0 / 25 questions

What is one word you would use to describe this class? If you want to write more feel free.

Physics FINAL / 40 questions

Vector A has a direction of 237 degrees. Which of the following best describes vector A?

Physics Electricity / 35 questions

(refer to diagram #2 on the separate diagram sheet) A negative test charge placed at point B will have ___________ potential energy than if it were placed at point A.

Renaissance Key Figures / 20 questions

What does the word Renaissance mean, and from what language do we get this term?