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Earth Science / 40 questions

A light year is a unit of TIME

Earth Science / 50 questions

Which type of evidence was NOT used by Alfred Wegener to support his continental drift hypothesis?

Earth Science / 15 questions

The angle above Polaris is equal to your

Science: Earth & Moon / 15 questions

When the Earth's axis is pointed towards the sun, it is ____

Earth Science 1.2 / 14 questions

This is the layer of rock that forms the Earth's outer skin.

Earth Science 1.3 / 10 questions

A cool fluid is __________ dense than a warm fluid

Earth Science Pretest / 10 questions

Which layer of the earth is made up of tectonic plates?

Earth Science Test / 30 questions

What are tectonic plates?

Earth Science 10/24 / 30 questions

A planet with a deep and massive gaseous atmosphere is a:

Introduction to Earth Science / 20 questions

Unlike a theory, a scientific ____ describes an observed pattern in nature, but does not provide an explanation for it.

Ch. 3 Earth Science / 20 questions

An alloy is a solid mixture of two or more elements, neither of which is a metal.

Earth Science Check-up / 19 questions

What type of movement best describes convergent boundaries?

Chapter 6 Earth Science / 28 questions

What type of stream valley would form in a mountainous area?

5th Earth Science Test / 33 questions

Fossils are typically found in which type of rock?

Earth Science Final Exam / 50 questions

We all know that volcanoes are not alive, but if they are just "sleeping", we refer to them as

Earth Science 10/31 / 25 questions

When the moon passes in front of the sun, we have a ________ eclipse.

Earth Science Practice Test / 25 questions

How many kilograms are the following number of pounds: 120 pounds.

Earth Science Mid-Term / 35 questions

You wake up and there is snow coming down and when you looked at the news, you realized that two cold fronts collided. What type of Front is this?

Earth Science 5/1 / 20 questions

According to the Koala Map: there are no Koalas living in Northern ________ of Australia.

SGO Reading / 19 questions

Spinning Thunderstorms #2

SGO Reading / 19 questions

Earth Science Hurricanes #3

Earth Science 3/6/15 / 15 questions

Today is the 4th of July.

Earth Science 2 / 6 /15 / 25 questions

Then new ________ Bob movie comes out today. (HINT: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?)

Earth Science 2/12/15 / 20 questions

A giant ocean wave is also called a __________.

Earth Science 12/5/14 / 25 questions

___ is a rock that can be burned to create energy.

Earth Science 12/12/14 / 15 questions

Winter vacation starts next friday.

Earth Science 4/2/15 / 25 questions

According to Chart #1 (on tests page) which biomes get thirty inches of rain?

Earth Science 5/18/`15 / 15 questions

_____ drift is the idea that continents once formed a single land mass.

Earth Science 10/3/14 / 25 questions

A ___ year is needed on a calendar to make up for the extra 1/4 day we have each year.

EArth Science 2/27/15 / 25 questions

Cinder cone volcanoes erode quickly because they are made of ____ material.

Earth Science Post-Test A / 10 questions

How are rocks and minerals related?

Earth Science: 8C Practice Quiz / 20 questions

Which of the following are considered volcanic intrusions?

Earth Science 3/20/15 / 25 questions

Earth's surface is heated ________.

Earth Science 3/12/15 / 20 questions

____ is a mythological creature that walks on two feet and is furry.

Earth Science 12/19/14 / 15 questions

The law of __________ is the principle that sedimentary rock layer is older than the layers above it.

Earth Science 11/21/14 / 25 questions

E=MC2 was discovered by __________.

Earth Science 5/8/15 / 15 questions

Use the WEather and Clouds chart to answer the following: _____ is a type of cloud that would bring light rain which may or may not reach the ground.

Earth Science 4 / 9 / 15 / 25 questions

According to the ocean Map: The _________ ocean touches The north pole.

Earth Science - Spring Break Edition / 24 questions

We are in the month of December.

6th Grade Earth Science Benchmark / 24 questions

On January 15th, there were 10 hours and 24 minutes of daylight in Jacksonville, Florida. On the same day, there were only 9 hours and 37 minutes of daylight in New York City. Why did New York have fewer hours of daylight than Florida?

Practice For Earth Science Final / 50 questions

The __________ are caused by the tilt of the Earth on its axis.

WFES 3rd-Science PreTest (A) Earth Science / 10 questions

As a Geologist, if you have two minerals that are alike in many ways such as the minerals below. What test would best be used to identify the two minerals?

Ch1 Notequiz #1 / 15 questions

True or False: All of the Earth's spheres are constantly interacting.

Science Test: Sun, Moon, and Earth / 15 questions

Which of the following is capable of producing its own light?

BM #1 Earth and Environmental Science / 25 questions

If all asteroids would produce an object _________ km in diameter

Earth Science: 10A / 10B Reading Reinforcement / 20 questions

Scoria is a type of rock that is so smooth and shiny that it is called volcanic glass.

Basic Science / 10 questions

The continents have been moving their location for millions of years and will continue to move. True or false?

Earth Science Test 2/20/15 / 25 questions

7 + _______ = 9

Practice For Final #1 -- Earth Science / 25 questions

___ are large air masses of similar temperature. (f word)

Earth Science 10/6 -10/10 / 25 questions

In the story about the cheetah's , _________ Cheetah died at a young age.

ES Chapter One Test / 45 questions

The study of how living things interact with each other and their nonliving environment:

Science Week Quiz - Thursday / 10 questions

There were three Astronauts in Apollo 11 on the first moon mission, one man did not walk on the moon in this crew. What was his name?

earth / 15 questions

The sun is a source of light.

Third Quarter Roots / 22 questions

The word poetic means

Ch 1 ICP Vocab Quiz / 19 questions

a proposed answer to a question

Science / 10 questions

What is the difference between lava and magma

Earth Science: Sections 11A / 11B Review Questions / 20 questions

Petrified wood forms by a process called ______________.

WFES 4 science post test a / 10 questions

Answer the question on the screen. Choose the list of the missing terms from the table that correctly identifies the order of the water cycle.

Chapter 1 Test Review / 39 questions

A controlled experiment tests

6th Grade Unit 1 Earth Science Test / 25 questions

_______________ is the dropping off of particles in another location.

Science 2 / 10 questions

The moon:

civics first grade phases / 34 questions

choose two importance of studying geography

P4 Science Test #1 / 20 questions

True or False: Plants take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.

Science Unit 1 / 15 questions

You should wear an apron while doing ANY lab.

Earth Science: Sections 11A / 11B Review Questions / 20 questions

The study of fossils is called ________________.

Science Week Quiz - Wednesday / 10 questions

In what organ would you find the bone call a stirrup?

Grade 8 Chapter 1.1 / 16 questions

What is science all about?

Science 1 / 10 questions

Which planet is closest to the sun?

Science&technology / 10 questions

Mass is different every where

Science Quest 17 2015 / 10 questions

___refers to the weight of all the organisms at a trophical level.

Science Unit 5 Test / 15 questions

Who can see a lunar eclipse when it occurs?

APES-2015-Chp01 / 15 questions

________ is an interdisciplinary study of how humans interact with the living and nonliving parts of their environment.

Grade 6 Chapter 1.1 / 21 questions

What is the study of the Earth's atmosphere and weather?

Planet Test 5/6 Science / 20 questions

A _____________ is a large spherical body that orbits a star.

NSO (Science) / 20 questions

1 rotation of Earth = _________hours

Science Week 2012 Thursday / 10 questions

Which of the following is a physical change?

science 2.2 quiz / 10 questions

Two or more atoms make up a

Earth Processes / 15 questions

How much of the Earth's fresh water are we able to use?

Five Themes Vocabulary Quiz / 14 questions

Latitude line that circles the globe halfway between the North and South Pole

Introducing Earth / 33 questions

Which convection currents cause Earth's magnetic field?

Earth Vocabulary / 11 questions

the theory that continents move apart from each other

neptune earth / 18 questions

Neptune: Name History:

Chapter 1 ESS Vocabulary Quiz / 21 questions

the layer of Earth under both the atmosphere and the oceans; it is composed of the core, the mantle, and the crust


A brick is an example of

Ecosystems / 10 questions

The term for nonliving in science is

Life Science 4 / 9 / 15 / 25 questions

According to the Desert Animals Bar Graph: Which year had the Highet population of Bighorn sheep?

Earth System / 12 questions

_____ are an example of a renewable resource.

Science Test- Gr.7 2015 / 11 questions

Talc is the hardest mineral on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Earth Changes / 19 questions

Which choices are two of the regions in the midlands?

Earth Day / 11 questions

אבל זה לא מספיק.

saving, sharing, backing up / 10 questions

Which of these is the correct format to save a file

Science Matter Ch 5 Test / 13 questions

the elements in group 2 of the periodic table; they are reactive but less than others, they have 2 electrons in their outer layer

015 ENG (Reading) / 10 questions

What keeps the planets in place is.................. .

pmasau / 10 questions

What does the author say about Biblical worldview in the modern world?

Scienece Fair Test / 15 questions

What type of cell does a plant cell contain?

Chapter 5 Science Test / 25 questions

The type of rock that forms when existing rocks are changed by extreme HEAT & PRESSURE. We call them the HULK rock because it "morphs."

General Science / 25 questions

The part of the body that would suffer the most from a diet deficient in calcium is the

WFES 4 science pretest a / 10 questions

Suppose Earth, Sun, and the Moon line up as shown in the picture. From Earth, the Moon appears

P4 Science Review / 23 questions

What is the hottest planet?

Life Science Test 2/27/15 / 20 questions

The place where nutrients enter the blood is the small ______________.