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Writing Process+ 6 Trait Writing / 12 questions

Editing means to

Writing Process / 10 questions

From the information presented in the movie, what can you conclude about the writing process?

STAAR Writing / 14 questions

STAAR Writing #1

Analytical Writing / 10 questions

Your thesis should be based on either agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s point of view on the topic of the work.

Technincal Writing / 30 questions

The body of the letter is in paragraph form. The first line of each paragraph is not indented. What type of letter would this apply to ?

EOC Writing / 14 questions

Writing Section Two 7.

Writing 2 / 15 questions

Brainstorming is

Speech Writing / 20 questions

ABSOLUTE CONSTRUCTION, SV The old man, prejudiced by past experience, viewed the newcomer with distrust

Writing Numbers / 25 questions


Writing Standards 2 / 10 questions


Writing CA1 Review / 25 questions

The festive orange fruits they are a familiar symbol of the fall season. What change, if any, should be made to the following sentence?

Writing Test 2 / 18 questions


Benchmark 1 - writing / 32 questions


EOC Writing PAP / 14 questions

4. Writing Section Two D. 118(B)

Paul Revere Writing / 14 questions

paragraph 4 He rowed across the Charles River to where a horse was waiting and began his famous ride. Which word is an antonym for "famous"?

Creative Writing Quiz / 20 questions

What is suspense?

STAAR writing 1 / 22 questions


Y9 Writing Exercise / 15 questions


Narrative Writing 1 / 10 questions

Is the following statement true or false? When using the story skeleton, you should always start with #1.

Writing Standards 1 / 10 questions


STAAR Diagnostic Writing / 14 questions

Obj. 5

STAAR Diagnostic Writing / 14 questions

Obj. 5

Creative Writing examples / 20 questions

Choose the example of alliteration below:

Writing Unit QUEST / 25 questions

What is the difference between Persuasive writing and writing Argument?

News Writing Quiz / 10 questions

What is the general structure of a news story?

Writing Standards 3 / 10 questions


Writing CA1.2 Practice Test / 25 questions

“The people who made this film are the most creative folks in hollywood. What change should be made in the sentence?

Reading and writing 7b / 26 questions

READING COMPREHENSION Read the file and answer the following questions. First read the text. Then answer the questions. Hi to our new friends in London, UK. Here’s a description of life in Toronto. Toronto is the capital of Ontario in Canada. The city is very close to Lake Ontario. It snows in Toronto from December until March. For 65 days of the year there is one centimetre or more of snow on the streets. In winter we usually stay at home or go to shopping centres under the city. We love summer and on July 1st there is a big festival, Canada Day. We go to Mel Lastman Square to see the fireworks and listen to music. It’s fantastic! In winter, when it’s cold, we often go skating at the weekends, or we go to the cinema. We go skiing with our mum and dad on Saturdays too. It’s good to play in the snow, but it’s very cold, so we drink hot chocolate when we go home. In the autumn school starts at 8:20am and ends at 3:30pm. We do our homework at 4:30 and finish at 7pm. We have dinner between 7 and 8 o’clock. Sometimes we eat later because our mum and dad both work. Complete the sentences with one or two words from the text. 0 Toronto is in Ontario, Canada. 1 Toronto is near _____. 2 For _____ days each year there’s always snow. 3 People go shopping _____ the streets. 4 July 1st is called _____. 5 They do their homework between _____ and 7 o’clock Answer to the question 3. Write the words clearly. DONT USE CAPITAL LETTER.

Reading and writing 9a / 26 questions

GRAMMAR Complete the sentences with if, unless, as soon as, and until. 1 I’ll be there in two minutes. Don’t do anything ______________ I arrive! 2 ______________ we halt global warming, the planet will be in trouble. 3 The situation will improve ______________ we all work together. 4 ______________ they arrive, we’ll eat with them. They’re due now. 5 We won’t get there on time ______________ we hurry. 6 Take the pasta out of the water ______________ it’s soft. 7 I can’t go home ______________ I’ve finished this report. I’ve almost done it. 1. ___________

Writing a Case Study / 10 questions

Fill in the gaps (please, base your answers on the presentation): One of the features of a good case study is that it deals with a not _____topic.

Reading and writing 9a / 26 questions

Choose the correct sentences when reporting the given sentence, use the correct form of the verbs given. complain offer explain invite refuse remind refuse suggest warm 1. Ann: "Sue don´t forget to call me later".

EOC practice writing test / 14 questions

Writing section Two

9a reading and writing / 20 questions

If I were in the bermuda triangle i would never know what I to do. If only all that lost people

Language and Writing Drill / 11 questions

Question 28

Reading and Writing 8A / 34 questions

GRAMMAR Choose the correct words. 1 I won’t / shall tell anyone your secret. 2 He is going / will to meet his new teacher tomorrow. 3 Will / Shall I get you a drink? You look thirsty. 4 The phone’s ringing and I don’t want to talk to anyone. I think I shall / won’t answer it. 5 I think she will / isn’t going to love the gift I bought for her because she adores chocolate. 6 I am going / will to start a new job next week. I had the interview a month ago. 7 I’m sure he shall / isn’t going to come tonight. He’s late, and I know he doesn’t like parties. 8 I promise I am not going to / will be there by eight o’clock. 9 He never eats regularly. He is going to / isn’t going to make himself sick. 10 Have you lost your phone? Shall I / Am I going to lend you mine? 3. _____________________

Reading and Writing 8 / 41 questions

GRAMMAR Madison had learned to drive before she was / had been 17.

Reading and writing 9a / 26 questions

Choose the corresponding option to the given sentence Mary: "I don't like spinach." Jill: "Mary said (that) she ___ like spinach."

Reading and writing 9b / 26 questions

Vocabulary 2: Choose the correct options to complete the text. Speaking of survival, my Kenyan pen friend, Koinet, could teach me a thing or two about that. He’s from the Maasai people, who live in the wilds of Africa. Why have I got a Kenyan pen friend? Well, I’m learning Swahili – I’ve always been interested in African languages. Actually, it’s quite exciting. I’m going out to visit him soon. My (6) departure / reservation / connection date’s less than a month away. It’s a long flight, though – about 18 hours in total. My (7) passenger / arrival / route takes me from Vancouver across the Atlantic Ocean to Amsterdam and then down through the rest of Europe into Africa to my final (8) destination / fare / connection , Nairobi Airport in Kenya’s capital city. I guess it’s not too bad though – there’s just one (9) departure / passenger / connection after all. It’ll be my first time as a (10) passenger / reservation / departure on a plane, so I’ll definitely be a little nervous – and excited. Answer for 8:_______ Just write the word without any capital letter.

Writing Studio Review 1 / 10 questions

A body paragraph is outlined below. Which piece belongs in the missing space? 1. Topic sentence 2. Transition to evidence 3. Evidence 4._______________ 5. Conclusion sentence

4-6 Writing Expressions / 18 questions

26 more than the product of a number and 17 is -42.

9b reading and writing / 20 questions

The ship hadn´t sunk if

Reading and Writing 8 / 41 questions

GRAMMAR Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. I think my great grandmother’s childhood (1) ________________ (be) much harder than mine. There were eight children in the family, and they (2) ________________ (not have) a lot of food. They always (3) ________________ (be) hungry. By the time she was 14, my great grandmother (4) ________________ (leave) school and was working. Her brothers and sisters also all (5) ________________ (leave) school at 14 because they had to work. After my great grandmother got married, she and my great grandfather (6) ________________ (have) six children. The youngest was my grandfather. Sadly, my great grandmother died four years ago – she was almost 100 years old! – but I know she was very proud of her family. All her grandchildren and great grandchildren, including me, (7) ________________ (have) opportunities that she never had, such as being able to stay at school and go to college. My great grandparents never (8) ________________ (go) abroad, but my family (9) ________________ (visit) Canada and Mexico. I (10) ______________ (not have) any of the problems my great grandmother had when she was young. I think I’m very lucky! 3: ________________________

015 ENG (Grammar & Writing) / 10 questions

…………………sky is blue.

Reading/Writing Learning Style / 17 questions

What is the present tense of get? (She ____ allowance today.)

EOC Released Writing Practice / 14 questions

Writing Section Two

Writing STAAR test 2 / 14 questions


Reading and Writing 8b / 34 questions

LANGUAGE WORKOUT (GRAMMAR) Choose the correct option, A or B. When I came home last night, I thought I (1) ____________ hear someone in the kitchen. I closed the door quietly and waited in the hall. I could (2) ____________ my heart beating in my chest. As I waited, I thought I (3) ____________ someone whispering. The noise was coming from the kitchen. I walked slowly along the hallway, and tried not to (4) ____________ scared. The kitchen door was half-open, but I (5) ___________ see anyone or anything (6) ____________. I was certain I (7) ____________ another presence in the house. Then I noticed the door (8) ____________ slowly. I was terrified, but I didn’t know what to do. Just as I was about to run out of the house in terror, I (9) ____________ our new kitten (10) ____________ up at me from behind the kitchen door. I couldn’t believe I had been so silly! 1 A could B must 2 A see B feel 3 A saw B heard 4 A feel B felt 5 A could B couldn’t 6 A moved B moving 7 A felt B saw 8 A opened B opening 7._______________

Reading and Writing 10A / 26 questions

Vocabulary 1: Complete the text with the appropriate words. Do not use capital letter in any case Digital devices have caused problems for me in the past, so I've learned to protect mine. One of the most important things I've learned to do is (1) ____________ any important files I keep on them. There's nothing worse than when you've written a big project for school and you lose all of your work at the last minute because your computer breaks down. You also have to be careful about what files you (2) _____________ from the net as files sometimes contain viruses – don't (3) ____________ on links to websites that you don't trust. It's a good idea to (4) ____________ your device when you've finished using it so that it doesn't get too hot. It's also important to protect yourself online. Make sure you've got a strong password for your email and always (5) ____________ when you finish using it – it's not safe simply to close the page. 1. ___________

reading and writing 10b / 24 questions

WRITING QUESTION You’re going to write a letter applying for one of the following jobs: (a) part-time shop assistant, (b) pet walker or (c) babysitter of two young children. Write 10 or more sentences. Say:  why you’re writing and where you saw the job advertised (eg newspaper).  why you want the job.  why you’re the right person for the job.  when you can start working

Reading and writing 9b / 26 questions

Read the text and answer the questions Britain before technology You might be surprised to hear that before some of the inventions that we take for granted in our everyday lives had been created, people were still able to achieve many of the things that modern technology does for us nowadays. Waking up without alarm clocks Have you ever thought about how people used to wake up in the morning before alarm clocks were invented? Well, they didn't use to wake up by magic. There was a person who used to go from house to house in the morning, knocking on the windows of the sleeping inhabitants with a wooden stick. He had a short stick for the windows on the ground floor and a longer, lighter one for the windows which were too high to reach. This person was called a knocker-upper. The job of the knocker-upper died out in the 1920s when alarm clocks became available to all members of British society. Learning the news without the modern media There wasn't always television or radio to make it possible for people to learn the latest news and in the old days quite a lot of people were unable to read and write, so not everybody could read a newspaper or a printed advertisement. Indeed, many people used to find out about what was going on in town from a person called a town crier or bellman. The town crier used to stand in a central location in the town, ring the bell that he held in his hand and announce the news to the people simply by shouting it out. Town criers still exist in some towns in Britain but, although they wear traditional costumes, they only perform their duties at special ceremonies. Keeping food cold without refrigerators Before fridges had become widely available, people used to keep iceboxes in their houses to keep food cool and fresh. These iceboxes had to be filled frequently with new ice and this was done by a person called an iceman. The iceman used to deliver ice, which had been cut into huge blocks from frozen rivers or lakes, to houses many times a week. The job of the iceman had started to disappear by the 1950s as fridges gradually replaced iceboxes in British homes. Complete the summary. Write one or two words from the text in each gap (1−10). Do not change the form of the words. How people woke up w/o alarm clocks People woke up with the help of a (1) _______________ called a (2) _______________ who used to visit houses in the morning and knock on the windows with a wooden stick. In the 1920s this job started to disappear because people could buy (3) _______________ . Answer for 3: __________ Do not use capital letter

7th grade STAAR Writing / 40 questions


6 Traits Quiz / 10 questions

Which BEST describes the trait of "Organization":

Literacy Enrichment Semester Test / 27 questions

the first stage of the writing process

Fertile Crescent section 3 / 10 questions

What kind of material did the scribes of Mesopotamia use for writing?

Social Studies Test 6 / 18 questions

5. (15AB, cultural writing, art)

Spring Break Extra Credit / 35 questions

How many types of writing are there?

Social Studies Test 6 / 18 questions

5. (15AB, cultural writing, art)

4323Alsup2Smag7 / 10 questions

According to Alsup, writing should be....

Language Literacy and Numeracy in Context to Training and Assessment / 37 questions

An example of an assessment criterion is:

Reading and writing 10 grade / 33 questions

Vocabulary set 2: Types of evidence (difficulty level 2) Write the blank word to complete the sentences. Do not use capital letters 6 Follow the _____ of evidence – they might still be hiding in the area. 7 The detective collected _____ and then talked to his team. 8 It had been raining so the police officer checked for _______ in the garden of the house. 9 If you have a(n) _____ , you have nothing to worry about! 10 The half-eaten ______of a take-away meal suggested they had left in a hurry. Answer for 7: __________

Reading and writing 10 grade / 33 questions

Based on The LOST WORLD, fill in the blanks, do not use capital letters nor comma or any punctuation mark, just press the space bar if necessary What is Gladys new husband job? he is a

reading and Writing 9 grade / 33 questions

READING Read the text and choose True or False. China’s Superman You may not have heard of Li Ka-shing, but he is one of the ten richest people in the world, and it is likely you have bought something through him or from him without realizing it. He is chairman of the Cheung Kong Group, a globally successful business group that includes banking, construction, property, plastics, cell phones, satellite television, cement production, drugstores and supermarkets, hotels, transportation, airports, electric power, steel production, ports, and shipping. But his story is not only one of great achievement and success in business. The challenges of his past have helped him become the person he is today. Li Ka-shing was born in China, but because of troubles there in the 1940s, his family couldn’t stay so they moved to Hong Kong. He looked for work, and when he couldn’t find anything on his own, he managed to get a job selling watches in his uncle’s store. He didn’t need to work there long for everyone to realize that he was a first-class salesman. When he was only 21, he started a factory producing plastic flowers, and within a few years he had managed to make himself a very rich man from selling them. When people asked him if he had been lucky he used to say, “No, I wasn't lucky. I worked hard to achieve the goals I set for myself,” so he clearly thought that he hadn’t needed luck. After nine years, Li wasn’t able to continue renting his flower factory because the owner didn’t agree to it. If he wanted to continue with his factory, he needed to buy the land himself, so that’s what he did. He managed to buy land when it was very cheap. This is how he managed to become super-rich later because land prices just went up and up and up. After that, he never looked back and moved into other areas of business such as ports, cell-phone companies, and electricity. But as well as making money, Li Ka-shing has also dedicated much of his time to helping people less fortunate than himself. He set up the Li Ka Shing foundation, an organization which works to improve education and healthcare for those who need it. It isn’t surprising that some people in Hong Kong call him “superman.” 1 Li Ka-shing is the richest man in the world. True / False 2 He has many businesses including property, transportation, and steel production. True / False 3 His family moved to China because of troubles in Hong Kong. True / False 4 He wasn’t able to find a job when he first arrived there. True / False 5 His first job was in a factory. True / False 6 He set up a factory when he was 21. True / False 7 His success with the flower factory wasn’t due to luck. True / False 8 When land prices went up, he became very rich. True / False 9 After that, he set up businesses in ports, roads, and television companies. True / False 10 He is interested in improving education and healthcare for disadvantaged people. True / False 9. __________________

Period Six Argumentative Writing Quiz / 10 questions

True or False: A debate is a random argument about a random topic.

SAT Writing Multiple Choice II / 32 questions

High school graduate usually do not end up earning as much income as college graduates DO, THIS BEING WHY SO MANY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS go on to pursue college degrees.

reading and Writing 9 grade / 33 questions

VOCABULARY Complete the words in these sentences. 1 To get a place in this school, you have to take an e_____________ exam. 2 Do you wear a school u_____________? 3 You only pay tuition c_____________ for private education. 4 The times of classes will be clearly shown on the class s_____________. 5 Students who disobey the school r_____________ will be punished. 6 Martha leaves e_____________ school this year, after sixth grade, when she’ll be eleven. 7 If you want to be a teacher in a public school, you need a college d_____________. 8 Some students take a year off between h_____________ school and college. 9 More and more schools have interactive w_____________ in classrooms these days. 2. __________

Construction - Reading and Writing 8A / 33 questions

READING 1. Read the text. Then complete each sentence with one word. I’ll never forget the first time I tried windsurfing. I was 13 and I was on vacation in Puerta Vallarta with my friend Beth and her family. Her older brother Andy was a very good windsurfer and he wanted to teach us. I liked Andy a lot. I thought he was very good-looking, so I felt really pleased he wanted to teach us. So, on the second day of our vacation, Andy, Beth and I walked to the beach. It was very hot and sunny but it was pretty windy, too. It was perfect weather for windsurfing. At first, I felt really excited. I couldn’t wait to run into the ocean and jump on the windsurf board. It looked really easy and the other windsurfers were having a great time. First of all, Andy put the windsurf board down on the sand. Then, he stood on the board and showed us how to stand and hold the arm of the sail. It looked easy and I felt very excited. Beth wanted to be the first to try so we took the board into the water. Andy jumped on the board and showed us again how to stand up. When Beth tried, she immediately fell into the water. She tried again and again and each time she fell into the ocean. After ten minutes, she was really tired and miserable. I started to feel really nervous – and no wonder – I was a lot worse than Beth! Andy tried to teach me, but I was terrible. Three boys on the beach were laughing at me and I felt really embarrassed. After ten minutes, I was hot, tired, and totally fed up. In the end, we decided to leave the windsurf board on the beach and we went for a swim. That was the first and last time I ever trid windsurfing. 4 On the day they tried windsurfing, they had perfect __________.

Reading and writing 9 grade / 26 questions

Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Choose the correct summary, A, B or C. FOR SALE Second-hand mountain bike. Only six months old. Needs new front wheel. Cost €200 new – will sell for €120. Phone 07863 83981 The mountain bike …


WRITING 8 “I’ve done my homework.” Eleanor said she _____________ her homework.


WRITING 6 “We are going away.” He _____________ that they were going away.

Professional Writing Pre-training Quiz / 26 questions

The front desk will proof read your documents before producing the final version.

Readind and writing 9 grade / 36 questions

READING Read the text and complete the sentences. The Coliseum The Coliseum is one of Rome’s most famous monuments. It’s a giant ancient theater in the shape of a circle, called an amphitheater. It’s right in the middle of Rome, with traffic circling it at high speed all the time. It was built over 2,000 years ago, and held up to 50,000 spectators. People would go there to see gladiators fighting or other kinds of entertainment such as animal displays, executions, and plays. It was one of the greatest spectacles of ancient Rome. But the problem facing the people of Rome today is what to do with it now. It is very old, very damaged, and in the middle of a busy traffic route. The air pollution caused by traffic is destroying it. To preserve it, the roads around it could be closed, but that would create problems when driving from one part of Rome to the other. Some people say that cars shouldn’t be allowed near it, and special public transportation should be designed to take people around it. They want plans to be developed for this, and believe the Coliseum deserves to be treated especially carefully because it is so unique. The structure of the building has already been damaged because of pollution, and the way the traffic shakes its foundation. Something has to be done soon. Another problem is the damage caused by visitors. In fact, some people think it should be closed to the public, and that it should be opened only for very special reasons, like making films, holding concerts, or church festivals. The problem is that the huge numbers of tourists who visit it bring a lot of money into the city. The Coliseum continues to be seen as an extremely important part of historical Rome, so everyone wants to go there. But the number of people who come end up causing damage to the building. Many people feel that if city authorities go on allowing people to visit the Coliseum, only a certain number of people should be allowed to visit each year, in the same way that visitor numbers are limited at Machu Picchu in Peru, for example. One thing is for certain; the future of the Coliseum cannot be guaranteed until something is done. 1 The Coliseum is an __________________________. 2 It was built __________________________ years ago. 3 It can hold __________________________ people. 4 It was originally used for fights, animal displays, executions, and __________________________. 5 The Coliseum is at risk because there’s too much __________________________ around it. 6 People have suggested designing __________________________ to reduce air pollution. 7 The __________________________ has been damaged by the traffic. 8 Some people think the Coliseum should be closed to the public because visitors __________________________. 9 The Coliseum is valuable to __________________________ because it’s a big attraction for visitors. 10 Allowing a limited number of __________________________ each year could be done at the Coliseum like it has been at Machu Picchu. 3. _________________

Reading and writing 9 grade / 26 questions

Complete the text with the words from the lesson. A lot of people prefer shopping for clothes online now, but I still think it’s better to go to the actual shops. That way, you can try on the things you think you like before you buy them − and, let’s face it, things rarely look as good on you as they do on display or in pictures, so that’s important. Of course, you can (1) __________ things you order online now too if you don’t like them and get a (2) __________ or (3) __________ what you bought for something else. The thing is, though, all this posting things backwards and forwards takes time. Whereas, if you go to the shops, you get exactly what you want straight away. Besides, sometimes things that are on (4) __________ in the sale are only available in store, so you can miss out on getting the best (5) __________s by only shopping online answer for 2: ______ do not sue capital letter

Gore-ELA-3rdQuarterQuiz2 / 26 questions

My best friend is 16 years old.

Reading and writing 9 grade / 40 questions

OCABULARY 1 Put these adjectives in the correct group. ancient Brazilian fantastic huge purple square 1 opinion: _______________________ 2 size: _______________________ 3 age: _______________________ 4 shape:_______________________ 5 color: _______________________ 6 origin: _______________________ 2. _____________

Writing and Language Drill 2 / 11 questions

Question 15

Naming compounds and writing formulae / 20 questions

atom or group of atoms having a positive charge

Readind and writing 9 grade / 33 questions

WRITING 11 Write a paragraph explaining how you think students in your school want to be treated. Think of these things: • What should you be encouraged to do? • What should you be allowed to do? • What do you deserve? • What should your school be persuaded to do?

Writing and Language Drill 3 / 44 questions


Identity Project - English test / 12 questions

Which of the following would most likely contain historical bias?

8th Gr. English Pre-Test / 20 questions

A statement that gives an answer or conclusion to a question or problem.

English Salerno / 30 questions

Angle of a news article is...

Gore-ELA-3rdQuarterTest / 38 questions

Choose the word below that best meets this definition: A hint or warning of a future event.

Mesopotamia / 50 questions

A wedge is a wedge shaped, thick at one end and tapering to a thin edge at the other.

Gore-ELA-Grade 9 Final / 38 questions

In the Embrace the Remix TED talk conclusion, why is it better to think of creativity this way?

Types of Sentences / 10 questions

We learned hand signals for these sentence types.

Unit 4 vocabulary Jan. 26 / 20 questions

The stated goal of a piece of writing is called:

As Easy as ABC / 11 questions

2) What does "sorrow" (line 7 - part 2) mean?

My Garden Test / 12 questions

The speaker's point in the first sentence of the third paragraph (lines 40-42) is that

MSCSII Communication Quiz / 10 questions

This type of communication involves encouraging, convincing others, and developing trust:

GrammarQuizWK4.18.16 / 12 questions

A paragraph must have at least_____________________.

CCT109-2015FALL-TEST1 / 11 questions

What are the three distinctive stands within social shaping of technology?


LISTENING 3. In what field is the woman majoring?

Simple Sentence Verbal Rehearsal / 11 questions

Steps for Sentence Writing 2. ________ Words to Fit the Formula

GPB 49/50 / 10 questions

Correct the errors in plural nouns in the sentence by writing the incorrect word as it SHOULD be. If there are two words, write them in order as they appear separated by a comma and a space. They listened on their radioes for news about the hurricane.

Survival in the Wild Vocabulary / 23 questions


Amy's test / 10 questions

In a acrostic poem is the word written horizontally.

Test (The Art of Making a Good Feedback/Assessment of Mentees) / 10 questions

What is the main objective of highlighting HLC in your feedback?

9TH GRADE / 28 questions

Choose the correct definition for the following vocabulary word: Strategy


WRITING 6) You ___________ cheat in a test.

015 ENG (Grammar & Writing) Unit 7 / 10 questions

Will he leave soon? No, he ………. .