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Grammar / 11 questions

But nowadays it seems like grammar has taken a backseat to things like speed texting and emoticons as means of expressing themselves, and in actualness most people can bearly write one paragraph free from grammar errors.

Product Name / 13 questions

999-22-000-BK TruSOUND Microphone (Black)

Linguistics Quiz Ch1 / 38 questions

when you remove the word "un" from "unfriendly", it remains an adjective, but what is the morpheme "un"?

National Grammar Day quiz / 10 questions

Use the correct affect / effect.

National Grammar Day quiz / 10 questions

Which of the following is correct?

Microsoft Word Section 1 / 25 questions

When using Grammar/Spell Check in Microsoft Word, use this button to add the selected word to the main spell check dictionary.

National Grammar Day quiz / 10 questions

Which of the following is grammatically correct?

Module 16 / 30 questions

Listening CD3/22 - Choose one missing fact. The last Tsar abdicated in ... .

Lectures from 5 to 10 / 34 questions

What are the components of grammar? *select all that apply.

8th GRADE TEST / 42 questions

WRITING Choose one of these inventions. Describe what life was like before the invention. (60 words) car cell phone clock Internet paper plastic telephone television train wheel Think of these things: • What did people use to do before? • Why do you think it was a good invention? • How did it change people’s lives?


LISTENING 3. In what field is the woman majoring?

Writing Process+ 6 Trait Writing / 12 questions

Editing means to

8th GRADE TEST / 42 questions

VOCABULARY 1 Car tires are made of this. _____________


WRITING 6) You ___________ cheat in a test.

Scanning / 10 questions

Scanning and Skimming are_______________

4323Alsup2Smag7 / 10 questions

According to Alsup, writing should be....

MS Office Word / 10 questions

Can the F7 function key be used to start the spelling and grammar command?

English Lab1 Unit 11 Quiz / 18 questions

Choose the correct response to the following question: Where can I get a bottle of water?

015 ENG (Grammar & Writing) Unit 4 / 10 questions

He …………………to Dubai last June.

Jeff Lab2 Unit 4 / 15 questions

I just saw 'Street Fighter'. So many movies today have too much fighting. They are just too __________.

Exam for Pinilla 8 META 1 PERÍODO 4 / 21 questions

VOCABULARY 2 A: I don’t know how people used to do research before the ____________. B: They spent a lot of time in the library!

Unit 5 Review Quiz / 16 questions

Vocabulary. Fill in the blank with the correct word from Unit 5 vocabulary. On Wednesday after work Jun ___ in a terrible traffic jam.

Grammar Test #1 / 10 questions

Please write the following sentence correctly. (No need to indent on here, but all other corrections MUST be evident) im not sure about this what if its some sinister shenanigan worried emily the pupil who was always cautious

APROPIACIÓN 8 META 1 PERÍODO 4 / 26 questions

GRAMMAR 10 “They’re going ahead.” He said that ____________________________ ______________________________________.

SE and the Victorian age / 10 questions

What year did queen Victoria take over the throne?

PROGRESS TEST 8TH GRADE / 39 questions

GRAMMAR 5 Maxine ______________________________ their date. Jon was so upset.

Writing 2 / 15 questions

Brainstorming is

American Lit B MIDTERM / 40 questions

Which of the following sentences correctly uses parallelism?

Grammar / 10 questions

Either the physicians in this hospital or the chief administrator ____ going to have to make a decision.

Apropiación Knowledge Test 7A Grade / 46 questions

GRAMMAR 4. _____________________

PROGRESS TEST 8TH GRADE / 40 questions

READING 2 Thai people are charming and friendly.

Grammar / 20 questions

Change to past tense reach

Apropiación Meta 1 Período 2 7A / 36 questions

GRAMMAR 12. _______________________

Grammar / 40 questions

The word "before" is a preposition.

Grammar / 12 questions

The cat ______ sing.

Assessment of Mentees' Skills / 20 questions

How much can the mentor charge maximum if he/she has corrected 3-4 types of Major HLC (major referencing issues, major paragraphing issues, major paper structure issues, major content modifications)?

Grammar / 10 questions

A)  May did well on the test she took yesterday. B)  May did good on the test she took yesterday.

Education Test 1 / 20 questions

A child is labelled naughty, he then gets ignored by the teacher, he then acts naughty to get attention. What is this an example of?

NEFI Unit 2 / 44 questions

(Strong adjectives) Write the synonym: very bad=

CMU English 101 Midterm Practice / 36 questions

(Unit 1- Vocabulary) Which of the following compund words is a household item that is used for waking up in the morning?

Test (Teaching in Mentor's Practice: Comments and Feedback) / 15 questions

Comments in the paper are needed

Evaluación 7 / 27 questions

READING Toby My favorite place is Hong Kong. I love it. It’s so beautiful – it’s on the ocean, with mountains all around and it’s full of stores, restaurants, and high buildings. Hong Kong never sleeps – it’s always busy and always crowded. Some people don’t like that but I do. It means you can always do things and meet people. And on weekends you can go to the mountains and visit the country parks or the beaches on the small islands. Hong Kong is great – a big, fast city and lovely, quiet countryside … but it’s very, very hot. Mitra The place I like most is New Zealand – it really is beautiful. It’s very green, has lots of mountains and snow and beaches, and the weather is good too. The people are friendly and the country isn’t crowded. That’s what I like – lots of big, empty spaces. You can eat well in New Zealand too – lots of fish and meat. And there’s so much to do there. You can go sailing, hiking, skiing, surfing, swimming – all in one day if you want! And the wild animals are fantastic, especially the sea animals like the whales. Anys My favorite place? I don’t know. I like lots of things in lots of places. There are the waterfalls in Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls. They’re really spectacular. Then I love the Taj Mahal in India because it’s so beautiful and so romantic. I like Bangkok too because I love shopping in all its markets and it’s a big, busy city, and I love eating there too. Thai food is so good. And Egypt with all its fabulous monuments. No, I don’t have a favorite place. I want to travel until I’ve seen all the countries in the world! Nicholas I know the place that I like best – it’s where I live. It isn’t beautiful, it isn’t exciting, there aren’t lots of things to do, there aren’t lots of monuments to look at, but I know it and I know lots of the people. I know where I can go to meet my friends, where the best stores are, what time the movies start, where all my friends live. This is very boring, I know, but that’s fine. The place I like best is my home town. I like traveling but I always want to come back here. 1. 1 Who loves city life? ____________________________________

Mid Term Multiple choice questions Part 1 quiz / 20 questions

Is the following statement true? The grammar A -> A a | a b (A is the starting symbol; a and b are terminals) is not LL(1).

Evaluación 7 / 27 questions

READING 2 Who likes exotic food? ____________________________________

015 ENG (Grammar & Writing) / 10 questions

…………………sky is blue.

APROPIACIÓN P2 M2 7A / 35 questions

VOCABULARY 10 Which [ticket office / first floor] can I get a ticket from? There are two of them.

National Grammar Day 2016 quiz / 10 questions

Which version is correct?

Microsoft Word Vocabulary Quiz / 15 questions

displays the dialog box which contains all of the functions of a particular group


READING 4. What does "eat his fill" mean?"


READING 3. Was the monkey generous? Why?

Grammar Chapter 2 / 11 questions

Is 'big forest' a compound word?

Grammar Test / 10 questions

What is the simple past and simple participle of “take”


VOCABULARY Complete the missing blanks. Use the following words: copy- digital- animated- rehearsal -storyboard -star- role- dinosaurs- director-play 1 A d__________ camera doesn’t use film. 2 An a__________ movie sometimes uses puppets. 3 The director uses a s__________, which is a series of pictures, to plan the movie. 4 Daniel Radcliffe is famous for his r__________ as Harry Potter. 5 D__________ are enormous animals that lived 65 million years ago. 6 Wes Anderson is the d__________ of the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. 7 Leonardo DiCaprio p__________ the part of Romeo. 8 Johnny Depp is the s__________ of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 9 In a r__________, the actors make sure they all know what they are doing. 10 It isn’t a good idea to c__________ someone else’s homework. 1. _________________________

Apropiación - segundo periodo - meta 2 - septimo / 38 questions

GRAMMAR: Write the correct word. ALEX What are you reading? JAY It’s a magazine called Music to your Ears. It’s about inventions and what (1) will / won’t happen in the future. ALEX Well, one thing is sure. We (2) will / won’t be listening to CDs. Everyone (3) will / won’t have an MP3 player. JAY I don’t know. I don’t think things (4) will / won’t change that much. What do you think (5) will / won’t replace MP3 players? ALEX What do you mean? MP3 players (6) will / won’t be replaced. JAY That’s what people thought about LPs, and it’s difficult to find those now. ALEX Well, they might be replaced, but it (7) will / won’t be for a few more years. JAY I’m not so sure. There (8) will / won’t be another new music invention and everyone (9) will / won’t want one. ALEX You could be right, but I (10) will / won’t change mine. It’s got all my favorite music on it. 2. ______________

Exploration - Third term - Goal 1 - 8th grade / 29 questions

READING: Read the following text and answer the questions. On a Business Trip - A Presentation Betsy: Hi Brian, this is Betsy. How are you doing? Brian: I've just returned from the Head Office. The weather is great! Boston is a great city! Betsy: Have you met Frank yet? Brian: No, I haven't seen him yet. We have a meeting at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. We are going to meet then. Betsy: Have you made your presentation yet? Brian: Yes, I made the presentation yesterday afternoon. I was very nervous, but everything went well. Betsy: Has management given you any feedback yet? Brian: Yes, I've already met with the sales director. We met immediately after the meeting and he was impressed with our work. Betsy: That's great Brian. Congratulations! Have you visited any museums yet? Brian: No, I'm afraid I haven't had any time yet. I hope to take a tour around town tomorrow. Betsy: Well, I'm happy to hear that everything is going well. I'll talk to you soon. Brian: Thanks for calling Betsy. Bye. Betsy: Bye. 1. Where is Brian?

Exploration - Third term - Goal 1 - 8th grade / 29 questions

GRAMMAR: Write the verbs in parenthesis in the present perfect form. Use lowercase. Follow the example: EXAMPLE: Joe (write) ___________ a letter to his mother. ANSWER: has written 7. The girls (plan) ________ a party.

WP Unit Features Quiz / 24 questions

Sorts from Z to A or largest to smallest.

Apropiación Knowledge Test 7A Grade / 25 questions

READING 2. What I listen to _________

Unit 11 Review Test / 18 questions

Listening - (Use CD2 from your student book) Listen to Cd 2, Track #30. 3a. Melissa says that she "got in trouble with Amy today." Why is Amy upset with Melissa?

WP Unit Features Quiz / 24 questions

A record is a single characteristic that appears in columns.

6 Traits Quiz / 10 questions

Which BEST describes the trait of "Organization":

Grammar 5 / 10 questions

Which are both nouns? During recess we played basketball, tetherball, and ran around the field playing soccer.

grammar 7 / 10 questions

Choose both adjectives: The building was tall and was brown on the outside but orange on the inside.

grammar picks / 10 questions

Io ho mangiato la mia pizza al bar HELPING VERB

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

What does the word MIGRATE mean in the sentence below? The geese migrate when they fly south for the winter.

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

Which word BEST completes the sentence below? Celia is _______ than Tonya in math.

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

What does the word UNLUCKY mean in the sentence below? Denny felt unlucky when he lost his favorite toy.

Grammar Quiz / 30 questions

I can’t find my math book, I’ll have to clean out my locker.

Grammar Basics / 10 questions

_____ cap was covered with molds.

Grammar 2 / 11 questions

Which word in the sentence describes how the kitten knocked over the vase? The small kitten accidentally knocked over the vase of flowers and water.

Grammar Vocabulary / 40 questions

What is the SUBJECT of this sentence? The woman wrote an email.

GRAMMAR 101 / 30 questions

Are you ___ me?

Grammar Test / 50 questions

When the police arrived, the criminals _____ escaped.

Grammar 3 / 10 questions

What are the adverbs: They always walk hope and sing joyfully.

grammar 6 / 10 questions

Choose both pronouns: They walked over to us at the mall while we were shopping.

Grammar test / 20 questions

Choose the action verb in the sentence. Roger shows everyone how his new invention works.

Grammar (B5) / 10 questions

3. “I hadn’t travelled by underground before I came to London”. She said that...

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

Which word BEST replaces the words The bat in the sentence below? The bat flew into the cave.

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

Fill in ONE word that fits into both sentences. My dad bought me a new __________ to practice with. The ________ flew out of the cave.

Reading and writing - second term - 7th grade - first goal / 43 questions

GRAMMAR: Complete these sentences using was, were, wasn’t and weren’t. ROSIE Hi Carl! Where (1) _________________ you last night? CARL I (2) _________________ with Sara. We (3) _________________ on the quiz machine. ROSIE (4) _________________ you happy? CARL No, I (5) _________________ SARA What about you, Rosie? Where (6) _________________ you? ROSIE I (7) _________________ with Barbara. CARL (8) _________________ Dominic with you? ROSIE No, he (9) _________________. I think he (10) _________________ with Kieran. SARA But I thought they (11) _________________with you. ROSIE No, they (12) _________________. I don’t know where they (13) _________________. 6. ______________________

Grammar 1 / 10 questions

What is a noun?

Grammar Test / 21 questions

Seeing the dolphins, some sharks, a killer whale, and a Moray eel made the visit to the marine park worthwhile.

M3B Grammar / 25 questions

The man in the middle who is reading a newspaper is my father. The man in the middle is reading a newspaper is my father. are both correct

Grammar 2 / 10 questions

- Pete has a new job. Now he'll have to get up at 6 o'clock every day. - No problem. He is used ... up early.

Grammar Test / 30 questions

A mobile phone is something you can't live without nowadays.

English grammar / 18 questions

Tricky verb patterns 5: Oversæt: Vi nød at se jer igår aftes

Grammar 7º / 25 questions

Students ________ use their mobile phone in class.

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

What does the word NONSTOP mean in the sentence below? Joy worked nonstop on her homework.

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

What change should be made to the sentence below? Please be sure to writes your name on your paper.

Grammar Quiz / 10 questions

Make "Blake" a pronoun. (Hint: re-read the sentence to make sure your pronoun makes sense)

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

Which word completes both sentences below? My favorite flower is a _______. The kid _______ from his seat.

Grammar Questions / 10 questions

What does the word disappears mean in the sentence below? The moon disappears when it passes behind the cloud.

Grammar Check / 14 questions

I’m trying hard to not (lose / loose) patience with her. I feel like I'm (losing / loosening) my mind.

grammar review / 21 questions

After school i knocked on my front door and asked, "Is ANYBODY here?"

Grammar 4 / 10 questions

Which are both verbs? They were talking to their friends during recess

Grammar Quiz / 40 questions


Grammar Review / 25 questions

The prefix of the word untrustworthy is__________.

GLENCO Lesson 3 Vocabulary / 12 questions

a tool that automatically corrects common errors:

Grammar 1 / 10 questions

Next year he will ... go to London.

English Grammar / 10 questions

When I stopped __________ to Mary, she was picking some flowers in her garden.